“Masa-masa keartisan mendadak dahulu yang ngangenin” LOL the exact title for my feeling. :D

the memorable moments when I was younger and joined an ASEAN Talent Competition held by iHub, Friendster and ANIMAX called iTalentstar. Indonesia competed with other 3 countries from Asean: Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia. Luckily, I got accepted as one of 12 Indonesian iTalents. codename: IDM-07

at the showcase, I sang “Everything” by. 98 Degrees.

I was surprised at that time because I’ve never realized that I could really have fans from people I’ve never known before. I did have fans, they’re all ladies and “aunties” hahaha, when the MC ask why they fanned me, they answered because I’m the cutest. hahahaha whatever, I was really happy at that time but I was still a shy one, not talk much and I regret that. at least, I ever appeared at ANIMAX to represent Indonesia. I wished there’ll be season 2 of iTalentstar. :)

(Bayu Dewey: Dream Journey, 2011)


last Friday night, my boarding room was such a disaster. catastrophic. Well, actually it’s not the worst condition ever happened but still tiresome to clean it all up. Thankfully, I finished it before reaching midnight so I can sleep well with the star-bed-lamp on and the fragrance of hanging jasmine filling the entire room. Good night, buddy!

“I love to sleep in dimmed light and some sweet fragrance.” me

(Bayu Dewey: reality bedtime stories, October 2011)


Just a couple of childhood photos. Found it in a dusty old album then scanned it. This photos was taken when I was still living at Borneo.

“why did the third winner got a cake, and I just got a plastic statue (trophy)? I want cake.” | “you want to trade the trophy with the cake?” | “yes! This plastic can’t be eaten.” | The past conversation between me and the third winner’s mom. :D -my mom told me-

remembering some old days… lovely chat with mom.