“Masa-masa keartisan mendadak dahulu yang ngangenin” LOL the exact title for my feeling. :D

the memorable moments when I was younger and joined an ASEAN Talent Competition held by iHub, Friendster and ANIMAX called iTalentstar. Indonesia competed with other 3 countries from Asean: Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia. Luckily, I got accepted as one of 12 Indonesian iTalents. codename: IDM-07

at the showcase, I sang “Everything” by. 98 Degrees.

I was surprised at that time because I’ve never realized that I could really have fans from people I’ve never known before. I did have fans, they’re all ladies and “aunties” hahaha, when the MC ask why they fanned me, they answered because I’m the cutest. hahahaha whatever, I was really happy at that time but I was still a shy one, not talk much and I regret that. at least, I ever appeared at ANIMAX to represent Indonesia. I wished there’ll be season 2 of iTalentstar. :)

(Bayu Dewey: Dream Journey, 2011)


last Friday night, my boarding room was such a disaster. catastrophic. Well, actually it’s not the worst condition ever happened but still tiresome to clean it all up. Thankfully, I finished it before reaching midnight so I can sleep well with the star-bed-lamp on and the fragrance of hanging jasmine filling the entire room. Good night, buddy!

“I love to sleep in dimmed light and some sweet fragrance.” me

(Bayu Dewey: reality bedtime stories, October 2011)


Just a couple of childhood photos. Found it in a dusty old album then scanned it. This photos was taken when I was still living at Borneo.

“why did the third winner got a cake, and I just got a plastic statue (trophy)? I want cake.” | “you want to trade the trophy with the cake?” | “yes! This plastic can’t be eaten.” | The past conversation between me and the third winner’s mom. :D -my mom told me-

remembering some old days… lovely chat with mom.


Hot Ronde at the side of the street in Mulyosari, Surabaya. costs IDR 5K. worth the warm feeling and sweetness of the soup in the middle of the night. The ginger works well for warming. :D with @fwidyan accompanying me.

“I really love the feels of consuming something ‘ginger'ized in midnight.” -me-

Photo taken “narcistically” by: me


Beef Orzo Pasta eaten at Pizza Hut Mulyosari, Surabaya, East Java. costs IDR 34K including tax rate. :9 worth the taste I think. for those who loves pasta.

“The day I treat waba for his wonderful and amazing drawing job in the name of all EPSK Lab assistants. We were really thankful and helped by his touch of art. Thanks, buddy.”

PS: not recommended for the one who doesn’t like pasta. coz the taste is so “thick” yumm! (taken with my SE Xperia10 Mini Pro)

tidak bisa dipungkiri, kita butuh mengeluh / membuang pikiran pada orang yang tepat sebagai bentuk “kedewasaan”. Suatu saat nanti akan dipertemukan dia yang mempercayakan keluhannya padaku dan aku pun mempercayakan keluhanku padanya. Tidak harus ada solusi, saling percaya dan tidak menghakimi itulah kuncinya. hanya belum waktunya
—  Bayu Dewey - only thoughts, 2011