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You Mickey Stans are So Boring. Get Over It.

There is a gif from the movie The Baytown Outlaws (not to be confused The Boondock Saints, another great movie, but entire different premise, just sometimes I say Boondock when I mean to say Baytown, but I digress). Great movie, one of my favorites, even tho it’s real problematic. Whatever, it’s not important.

Anyways, there is a gif from that movie, of Sheriff Henry Milliard is watering his lawn with a green? garden hose (played by Andre Braugher, you might know him as The Captain Holt, from Brooklyn Nine Nine, another favorite of mine, he’s fantastic). Anyways, while he’s watering his lawn, this random little boy is just off to the side staring at him. Annoying, I know, kids are gross. So Sherriff Milliard turns his garden hose on this kid & goes “I don’t even know you,” spraying him. The kid runs away. It’s a nice little gif. Reserved for special occasions.

My point is that I am on mobile right now, and I cannot find said gif, and I’m getting agitated. But I wanted to let you know that if I were at my computer and could really look for that gif, that would have been my response. And I wanted to waste just a little bit of your time, like you wasted mine, making me read this stupid message. Goodnight.


newtmas au where newt gets roped into putting on face paint for halloween (who else was responsible but minho) and thomas gives him the compliments his face deserves (◡‿◡✿)

“We’ll be married 10 years in September. She’s been an inspiration and a great role model. I have a daughter from a previous marriage. Devera has known her since she was 5 years old and has really been her mother figure. You know, her biological mom is not much of a mom, so she filled a void. It’s meant everything to me. My daughter will be 18 on Halloween. She wouldn’t have turned out to be the young lady she is today without her.”

— Harold and Devera, who says “we have everything in common”

El Toro Rant. I hate serving kids.

and by kids, I mean bitches in high school [who don’t tip, of course]. A few dudes I recognize, come in & sit down to eat at El Toro. I treat every table like I’m going to get a good tip & I’m one of the most attentive servers i know, but these 3 dudes spend $50.00 and leave me a $1 in the check presenter….

External image

It’s the biggest “Fuck you.” tip, I’ve ever gotten from working there & to any waiter who takes care of your hungry ass.

External image

If they come back, Imma greet their asses like

External image

& walk away..

I get paid like $2.13 an hour, crusty white boys. If you don’t have enough $$$ to pay for your food PLUS an adequate tip, take your ass to a drive-thru.

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thank u, come againnn.