bayside quote

He says “High school are the best years of your life…” I didn’t hate high school. However, I would argue the only best of that time is that you don’t have to pay any bills. The best time of your life is when you can go to the grocery store and buy all the god damn candy you want, and no one yells at you. You can stay up as late as you want; No one yells at you. If I want to leave my house at 2 in the morning and go somewhere, I can do that and no one yells at me. All those things are better than high school. Do you know how much of my time is spent thinking “I can’t believe how awesome it is that no one is yelling at me right now for doing this?” That takes up 90% of my brain space. That’s all I’m thinking about whenever I’m doing something I couldn’t do in high school. “I’m eating ice cream for dinner right now, and no one is yelling at me.” It’s awesome.
—  April Richardson - ep 84 of The Saved by the Bell podcast, gobayside