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PriPara Live at Zepp Osaka Bayside 2017 merch line

I can’t believe my luck with can badges!!! I completed Dressing Pafe AND Tricolore?! I don’t need two Yuis but this illustration of her is particularly cute so I don’t mind. It was worth it to get in line at 7:30 after all!! (Haha no it probably wasn’t but at least it was validated. The line did begin to get really long after 9ish but not the worst. Mostly I just liked the rush of being the 2nd one to the register and then opening all my badges in front of the line hahaha.

This PriPara ojisan I know from Aichi is here. (With only so many events you see the same people over and over again.) And he was like do you have any to trade? So I was like who do you want? And he was like Hibiki? And I was like haha no. (Of all the characters.)

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At Shakopee warped tour i got to meet Nick Ghanbarian and Anthony Raneri from Bayside. I was with three of my best friends and the only thing I said before we got in was that I had to meet Bayside at some point. I’ve been listening to them for close to 4-5 years and they really helped me through a hard time and are a huge  part of my life. After waiting for forever to be let into the venue we realized that we had about 45 minutes to wander around before we had to get over to the tent that Anthony would be playing his acoustic set (which I was extremely excited to see). We had walked over to We Are The In Crowd’s tent to look at merch, but then I saw the big yellow Bayside tent, so I grabbed my friends and dragged them over so we could look at the Bayside merch. As we were walking over I saw two guys that looked very familiar under the tent, but it wasn’t until we got right by the tent that I realized that Anthony and Nick were right there. Not 20 minutes into my very first warped tour and I got to meet my heroes. Both of them were very sweet when I asked for a picture, and luckily I kept my cool long enough to not seem like a huge fangirl. A little later we went to see Anthony’s solo set and we were right in the front. He was the nicest guy ever and really connected with the crowd during and in between songs. Bayside’s performance was spectacular as well and you could really tell that they have the most dedicated fans (it’s not called a cult for nothing). I’d have to say it was the happiest day of my life meeting these wonderful people.