Blanket of you, 2009

Please take care of this, 2009

Let you flow, 2009

An abstract romanticist, 2010

Part of universe, 2011

You are (a) mine, 2011

Stacks of you, 2013

Moonassi Drawings by Daehyun Kim. One of my most beloved artist/illustrator. I’ve noticed in recent weeks that the popularity of Moonassi is increasing, mainly on tumblr, and I am so happy that Kim is getting the recognition that he deserves.

What makes Moonassi so inspiring to me and what makes me fall completely in love with his work is the simplicity. The simplicity and minimalism through colours, forms and lines. The combination of this makes the work so incredibly beautiful.

The work has that connection of love and attachment. With all that I can connect to. Finding someone you’re completely in love with, so attached, but some times need to set free. His work shows how love works silently and with each individual than as a pair. Even though some drawings have two beings in, you only see how the love is felt and given through one. The way he creates figures with no noticeable gender is wonderful. This shows unconditional, continuous and irreplaceable love, at its best.

Although that is the way I interpret his work. His work can also show heartbreak. The way that there is some times only one individual reminiscing, obsessing and missing. It shows love in several ways, but either one is shown beautifully.

His work demonstrates how one thinks about another continuously, not in obsession, but in love. And that is the most beautiful thing in the world.


The title of the ceramics project was “Inside and Outside”, we were given three main themes of research that we had to study those being,natural forms, the human body and archaeology. I studied all the areas but went into in depth research into natural forms particularly shells. I loved their natural beauty especially their shape, colours and textures. I also realised that this is a lot of repetition through the shells form.

I also began to look at various artists but the ones that caught my eye the most were Tina Vlassopulos and Eusebio Lozano:

External image

Tina Vlassopulos

What I loved most about Vlassopulos is the way her work elegantly flowed. Her collections work beautifully as a family. Her work inspired me to try and fit all my pieces together, especially through the body and base of my vessels, as well as keeping the surface incredibly smooth, which I tried to do at the best of my ability.

External image

Eusebio Lozano

I also really loved Lozano’s saggar firing, although I never got to find out what materials he used in his saggar fire to create the colours he got in his final outcome I tried to create colours that were similar to the shells that I had studied. I first did a tester of using banana skins which turned at really well as it had really rich and beautiful pinks and beiges, although when it first came out the kiln there was some other glazes stuck to my pot from other people’s work which I tried to get most of it off, but I was particularly happy with the vessel’s colours.

I used banana skins and seaweed with my final vessels in the saggar fire although I was quite disappointed as I was expecting rich colours like my tester saggar fired vessel. Although as I looked at them more I particularly liked the banana skin vessels as there was still banana skins burnt onto the vessel which I couldn’t get off that left interesting patterns, which I thought resembled shells to some level. Although I think the vessels would have been even nicer with flashes of colour.

“Space 2” 2006 
Acrylic on canvas / Acrylique sur toile 
6.4 feet x 8.5 feet x 1 ½ inches / 194 x 259 x 3,5 cm 

External image

“Seaside Kitchen” 2006 
Acrylic on canvas / Acrylique sur toile 
35 ¾ x 46 Inches / 91 x 116,7 cm / 91 x 116,7 cm 

External image

“Land of Sodom and Gomorrah” 2006 
Acrylic on canvas / Acrylique sur toile 
5.11 x 7.5 x 11 Feet / 181,8 x 227,3 x 3,8 cm 

Aya Takano

An artist of which I have fallen completely in love with throughout my project and has had an heavy influence on my work. The playfulness and crude elements of Takano’s work is simply beautiful. As well as her use of colours and simple forms. I love the way that some times the crude parts are pretty much slapped in your face but then other times they are more subtlety put in. 

I also love the reactions of Takano’s work when shown to people that I know. Some people find it disgusting and disturbing whereas others find it, like me, find it beautiful. And sometimes both reactions by the same person. I aspire to have work that has both similar affects on people, to me the work that has opposing reactions is the most incredible.


Another wonderful piece at the Saatchi Gallery, these are series of work by Dasha Shishkin. I really love how busy and detailed Shishka’s work is, as well as the combination of block colours and patterns, I think this works really well as they balance each other out (the plain coloured characters and the detailed and patterned background). Her paintings are full of energy, not only through the characters and general atmosphere of the scene painted but also through her expressive way to paint. I really love Shishkin’s work.