Day 104 Part 1 - Juris Doctor Andrew Parker’s Daily Prescribed Dose of Funk-filled Remedies for your Soul

Country funk served up to you fried and funky today with a side of collared funk, mashed funktatoes, and some funk & cheese.

“Bayou Country” – Cold Gritz

Look who came to dinner.

All credit to Captain Mitch of Mequet Swamp Tours, who was kind enough to open up on his day off to take two slightly deranged English tourists out on a tour in a thunderstorm.

Yes we got wet. No, we didn’t care.

I can’t describe the feeling of excitement at being able to get up close and personal with a nine foot alligator in its own territory. Meet Cherie. She was softer and warmer to the touch than I expected. Absolutely beautiful.

Photo: mings