Creedence Clearwater Revival: Green River (1969)

Compare their cover photos, and you might say that CCR’s third LP, Green River, brought the southern roots sound perfected on the sophomore Bayou Country into sharper focus.

Or tightened up the general formula to be used on the band’s trio of essential LPs form ‘69 (completed that November by Willy and the Poor Boys), because a few too many songs seem to latch onto the same, driving groove, again and again.

Of course this is entirely forgivable in the case of twin all-timers “Black Moon Rising” (has there ever been a perkier sounding tune about impending doom?) and the title track, but when replicated again (“Lodi”) and again (“Cross-Tie Walker”) and again (“Sinister Purpose”), well, even greatness can grow a little bit tiresome.

As for the rest of these songs: the jittery, urgent “Commotion” has never really gripped me; the brooding, bad-ass cemetery blues of “Tombstone Shadow” always has; and the emotional “Wrote a Song for Everyone” just manages to escape the maudlin, depending on the day of the week.

All this being said, these are still 30 timeless minutes of classic music: perfect for driving across the American South, as I am doing today.

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Hi! I was tagged by my lovely pal @ninnie-knees-up to list some albums that I’ve been listening to a lot lately. Thanks for the tag Mia!!💞

Pink Moon // Nick Drake
I’ve Got My Own Album To Do // Ronnie Wood
Bayou Country // Creedence Clearwater Revival
Songs For Beginners // Graham Nash
Every Picture Tells A Story // Rod Stewart
Fairytales And Colours // Donovan
The Best Of Canned Heat // Canned Heat
Incense And Peppermints // The Strawberry Alarm Clock
Five Leaves Left // Nick Drake

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Louisiana, you are a gem. I never though I would be saying that, but I can’t wait to go back. We left New Orleans to spend the night in Breaux Bridge, the crawfish capital of the world!

During the afternoon, we went on a swamp tour, and it was amazing. After watching True Detective, I was super stoked to take a tour on the Bayou. It was magical, and we saw literally a THOUSAND gators! They all smiled at us, included the biggest gator in the swamp, over 100 years old and fifteen feet long. He was hissing at us, but I knew he was really saying, “Hey, Baby.“

We had dinner at Pont Breaux’s Cajun Restaurant, complete with live Zydeco music. There were several couples that were dancing non-stop. They had more energy than both of us combined. We just gawked at them and then proceeded to jealously stare down a family eating crawfish. Their hands moved so quickly through those lil’ red devils! One day we will learn how to suck guts, but for now we’ll just stick to the fried fishes.

We stayed at the Bayou Cabins in town, which were so wonderful and reminded me of summer camp! Rustic and super comfortable! Breakfast was included, and we both had the cajun breakfast platter, which included boudin, cracklings, head cheese, and eggs. The cracklings were something different and so much food to digest in the morning, but we could get used to it.


#3- You Attend a Music Festival Together

Brad: You’ve always wanted to go to the Summertime Ball since you were a little kid. You’ve gone with Brad whenever The Vamps performed but you never got the feeling of being in the crowd so since The Vamps weren’t performing this year, Brad decided he’d take you. As you stood in the crowd, you felt as if you were the happiest girl on the planet. You had the boy you loved next to you and you were at one of your favourite festivals in the world. You were super excited to see Lawson perform since you’ve heard they’re really good live. “Babe, come with me.” Brad said, taking your hand. “Lawson’s about to perform.” You really didn’t want to miss them but Brad continued to walk. “(y/n),” Brad said as he opened a door backstage. “Meet Lawson.” You looked in the room and saw the four boys that you loved so much. You stood there speechless and all Brad could do was laugh at you. “She really likes you guys.” He said.

Connor: You and Connor were heading to Louisiana for the Bayou Country Superfest. You heard Luke Bryan was performing and since he’s your favourite country artist Connor decided to take you for your birthday. “Are you excited?” Connor asked as you two walked towards the stage. “Excited doesn’t even describe it. I’m minutes away from seeing my husband.” You said, like a true fangirl. “Ouch.” Connor said, jokingly. Before you knew it, Luke Bryan was taking the stage and performing his heart out. As he sang your favourite song, he came over to you and sang it right to you. “So, how was it?” Connor asked. “I loved it, thank you so much.” You said, kissing him.

James: “So, we’re on our way to Bonnaroo in Tennessee.” James said into the camera. You two were doing your annual roadie to a music festival. Every year, you two, whether you’re in the UK or not, will look up a Music festival and take a road trip down to watch. “It should be a good time.” James said, before you cut him off. “Uh, yeah! Kayne West is performing!” You’ve been a massive fan of him since forever and when you heard he was performing this year, you just had to go. “If I faint from seeing him live, make sure you catch me.” You said, laughing. "No way, I’m gonna leave you there.“ James said, flashing you a smirk. "Good luck finding another girlfriend because now every girl in the world knows what you’ll do if they ever faint.” You said, pointing to the camera.

Tristan: “Warped Tour here we come!” You and Tristan said into the camera. The minute you heard All Time Low was in the line up, you forced Tristan to go with you. “I have no idea what I’ll do if Alex looks at me.” You said. “Boyfriend.” Tristan said, pointing to himself. “Lead singer of All Time Low.” You said, pointing to the stage and laughing. “Don’t you worry,” You said, wrapping your arm around Tristan. “Once Alex and I are married, I’ll make sure to visit you.” “I’m honoured.” Tristan said. “So this song,” Alex said as he walked onto the stage. “Is dedicated to…” He said, scanning the audience. “The girl in the blue shirt with my face on it.” You looked from Tristan to Alex and then down to your shirt and realized he was talking about you. “No way.” You said, as you made eye contact with Alex. “If that guy next to you is your boyfriend, he better hold onto you. You’re hot.” Alex said, before starting to sing.