bayou goo

Songs that are stuck in their heads

Holster: you know the peel the avocado song? yeah it’s that. it’s been that for weeks. help him.
Ransom: ransom is mad for madonna but even he realises that one of her songs on repeat for three weeks is annoying.
Chowder: it’s always a cheesy 80s song. most of the time it’s rick astley but he is partial to a mr. roboto
Jack: it’s some country song he came across when listening to georgia on his mind because yeah everything he’s worth is righty in front of him.
Shitty: it’s blurred lines and he hates himself for it. the tune is just too catchy!!!
Lardo: some waltz of chopin. classical is really good to listen to for inspiration, none of that lyric crap. plus that one piano section is killing.
Nursey: some old rock song he overheard in a dinner late one night a couple of summers ago. it was one of those dingy forgotten stops off the highway and the song was about love and fire and going on a journey. it was rough, he’s pretty sure it mentioned tolkein but it was real.
Dex: whatever stupid indie song nursey was blasting last week. he doesn’t know who sung it or what it is but the line “I’d rather be spitting blood than have this silence fuck me up” won’t get out of his head.
Whiskey: some weird lullaby his aubela used to sing for him whenever he was restless. it reminds him of home.
Tango: it’s benny hill
Bitty: I could bust your 8 I’m a do one too Fuck you gone do? I want you to make bucks I’m a look right nigga Bet you do want to fuck Fuck em like you do want to cum Your gay to get discovered in my 2 1 deuce Cock-a-lickin’ in the water by the blue bayou Caught the warm goo In your doo-rag too son?