bayonetta 2


I finally finished it! Fam kept asking me to hang out so it’s taking quite a while. Bayonetta’s outfit killed me. Below is before I put the textures.

A few thoughts on why I wanted to draw them together:

  • They are developed by the same developer (Platinum Games).
  • 2B’s animation is graceful while Bayonetta’s sexy. The animations look so good on slow mo. 

  • They both have short hair & beauty mark at almost at the same place. 

  • Lastly… they have gorgeous legs (I want dem legs too). 

This design here is what made me decide to start releasing these as wallpapers, because a poster of the whole cast wasn’t doing her justice. She took a full two and a half weeks all on her own, compared to someone like Luigi who takes twenty minutes. I faithfully remade all of her six different bangle designs, and it took forever just to do a portion of the fanciness on her shoe or thigh. I learned a lot about shape control working on those designs, so I’m glad I took up her challenge.