Lady Margeaux LeRoux


She was a former archivist of the Umbra Witches, and on occasion, taught students her craft.  She wields a quartet of Guns christined Fortuna (  Guns of black and gold, they were crowned with the names Avarice, Splendor, Opulencia, and Serendipity.  ) and bears a contract of the Vedic serpent, Vritra, who was said to be damned into the Inferno by the bones of a Lumen Sage in eons past. Bequeathing upon her phenomenal strength, it is claimed that his power is so bountiful that he can shift the fates themselves. 

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A Fateful Encounter

Do you ever leave the house and wonder if you switched the oven off, or forgot to feed the cat, or left two sworn enemy armies standing on the battlefield for months? #JustCorrinThings

(I worked really hard on the artwork for this one! I hope you like it, too). :)

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