On the last night of our trip we drove out into the middle of nowhere (so for like 20min) to hang out with some very nice Bedouins. We rode camels, watched the sun set, danced around a camp fire, and watched the stars come out by the thousands.



Our Christmas tree is looking woodland festive! #BaylesLife #MerryChristmas

My 600th insta-photo!!! Hooray!
Yesterday’s flight took us over the Nile River Delta and The Suez Canal (pictured here). This incredible shot of the seriously majestic Egyptian mountains and golden Red Sea was the highlight of the flight!!!

This is my #BaylesLife! (at Suez Canal Bank)


Yay! We’re engaged! Ok, you know we’re been engaged for a while now. Half the wedding was planned and sorted before I was presented with a ring, but it’s hard to do the whole down-on-one-knee thing when we’re a whole world apart, and the only option we have is Skype. A Skype proposal was not okie.

So this is the story of how my Bayles did the one-knee thing to perfection (and then how a weed almost messed it all up).

On Saturday Bayles took me on a surprise visit to a local treasure, the Hitchin Lavender Farm (google it! It’s fab!). We paid £4 each for entry and they gave us both a pair of scissors and a bag and let us loose to cut as much lavender as we could fit in our bags. It’s gorgeous there! And it obviously smells divine! Also, I never knew there were so many types of lavender! Row upon row of Folgate, Ashdown, Lullingstone, Sawyers, Rosea (which looks white but is a very pale pink), Edelweiss (which starts a certain song playing in my mind), Hitcote (which is the darkest shade of purple), Blue Ice, Maillette, and the most fragrant variety, Grosso (which doesn’t look like much, but I guess that just goes to show). By the way, the moto of the Hitchin Lavender Farm is “Enjoy The Purple.“ I should have had that on the invitations!

The crops of flowers we were allowed to harvest from was set against a hill. We went up the hill, dodging many big fluffy bees and flitting butterflies to reach the rather gorgeous views at the top. There were skylarks singing, the sun was shining and the English countryside has never looked so stunning! At the top of the hill was some low fencing, and we could see over it quite a long way.

I found some giant, and I do mean GIANT, dandelion puffs. You know those foam balls you use to make a model of the solar system? These puffs were the size of Mars. Anyway, we stopped to take a picture of us making wishes.

After Bayles had his turn he asked what I wished for. We all know you can’t tell your wish, but there’s always exceptions. He produced a shiny black box with a diamond ring, was on one knee and said he wished that I would marry him. I said “yes!” And just like that, he granted my wish.

Funny thing though. When we walked down the hill we chose a route through some empty, harvested ground. The only thing there was dirt and weeds. I really should have paid closer attention to the weeds. I guess I was too distracted with the sparkly ring on my hand. I brushed up against an unassuming weed and instantly felt a shock of pain on my leg. It was like being scraped by hot, itchy fiberglass shards. Mmm… Sounds awesome right? WRONG! The following conversation happened:

“AAAHHH! What was that!!! Holy mother!”

“Haha! That was stinging nettles. Now you know what it feels like!”

“This sucks!!!! Sonuvamother! Aaahhhh! It itches…. ” etc… etc…

Cue Bayles’s uncontrolled laughter.

I had some welts on my leg and a bad itchy red patch to annoy me for the rest of the day… Not a disaster, but I will forever associate stinging nettles with my otherwise perfect proposal.

This is my Bayleslife.