Michael Bay’s Thundercats

I had this conversation with a friend yesterday and it seems like the sort of thing that should be put on Tumblr.

You know what I need.
I need someone to do a live action Thundercats.
I think it should be Michael Bay
He can make it sufficiently horrific.
Just like.
CGI alien cat people.  Via Michael Bay.
Imagine the weirdass shrapnel physics he could come up with for Mumm-Ra’s transformation.
I mean remember what he did to ninja turtles.
I think he could do it.  I think he could make it the worst movie ever made.
Tom Cruise could play um.  What was his name.  The ghost guy.
Jagger could play the ghost guy.  He’s already half dead.
Jagger should play Mumm-Ra.
He’d be the best thing in the movie because he’d be the only thing that didn’t look eye-searingly uncanny valley.
Or at least not more than Jagger looks normally.
“This movie was an apocalypse for my eyes.  I tried to will myself blind partway through.  The mummy cgi was good, though.”
But the joke is on them.  There was no mummy cgi.  It was just Mick Jagger in skintight acid-washed jeans.
OH OH the robearburbles or whatever the fucking little things were called.
The post-apocalypse Furbys
That’s what they’d end up with.
“They need faces.  To be EXPRESSIVE so people feel sympathy when I set them on fire that burns in improbable ways.”
They end up with basically a three foot high furby.
Anyone who wasn’t high on prescription painkillers could see this is a nightmare that should be stopped.
Michael Bay: “Perfect.”
He slaughters their entire town.
There’s a gratuitous shot of a baby roburblefurby having its head torn from its body, wires sparking tragically.
The audience heaves a sigh of relief.
Well obviously there’s like one or two heroic little digital atrocities who don’t get caught in the holocaust.
They hang out with Snarf.
Comedy relief is attempted.
The audience tries to figure out which one will show more prominently in their nightmares.
Oh wait wait I am foolish of COURSE Liam Neeson will play the ghost guy.
Tom Cruise can be Tigra.
They probably cast Vin Diesel as Panthro because any idiot can see Panthro was as close as the cat people got to being  a black guy.
But racial diversity in a Michael Bay movie would be foolish.
He can barely even manage tokenism.
Oh, I was about to ask whether Jake Gyllenhaal or Christian Bale would be Liono, but of course it would be Mark Wahlberg.
Or however you spell his name.
Holy shit, I got it right.
The best actors in the whole goddamn movie–aside from Liam Neeson, who can’t do shit to save this sinking wreck–are the underrated midlister who should be a star they cast as the lizard-mutant bad guy, and the actress they cast as Cheetara, who gets like five lines and then she spins in a circle and issues a prophecy and passes out till any chance she has to be useful is past.
She’s SUPER HOT THOUGH.  Because it’s Hollywood so gotta capitalize on that cat girl.  Look, she can fly a space-bike in unnecessarily slinky positions.
Is there a reason her bike puts the seat up higher than her head and forces her to shove her boobs against the gas tank?  None of the guys’ bikes do that.  Well, I suppose it’s probably because her bike has insufficient armaments but for some reason she’s using it to dogfight the vulture guy anyway even though she can run faster than it can fly.
Tigra’s bike has a fucking missile launcher.
It’s great.  So much shit explodes.
Meanwhile the audience tries to figure out if Mark Wahlberg’s jaw is doing that thing because of weird cgi or if it just does that.
There’s a part where he is baby teenage Liono before he gets aged up to heroic buff confused dude thanks to unexplained cryogenics stuff.  Mark Wahlberg attempts to play a teenager.
“It’ll be fine if we just use the blur tool on his face to smooth the wrinkles.”
Liono is aged up from 15 to be a rugged 40 or so.  He bangs Cheetara, who is 20 even though she’s an experienced elite warrior.  Bay somehow manages to make it BOTH statutory rape and creepy age difference/rank exploitation.
A man of infinite talents, that Bay.
More Snarf
He’s given absolutely inexplicable amounts of screen time.
They’re so proud of their CGI demon.
Hans Zimmer does the soundtrack.
It’s his seven millionth Oscar nomination.

On August 7, 1930 The last confirmed lynching of blacks in the Northern United States occurred as Thomas Shipp and Adam Smith were lynched by a white mob in Marion, Indiana.

The night before a young white factory worker named Claude Deeter was shot and critically injured. Deeter and his companion, a young woman, told police they had been attacked by young African-American males. The woman told authorities she had been raped, a claim she later admitted was false while under oath. Sheriff Jay Campbell set out to look for the alleged perpetrators and arrested Thomas Shipp, 19, Adam Smith, 18, and James Cameron, 16, at their homes.

The three young men were held at the local jail on suspicion of murder, robbery, and rape where they were beaten by the sheriff and his deputies until a “confession” was secured.
Word spread quickly through the county and throngs of people descended on the town clogging the courthouse square with bodies. Some estimates by local journalists put the number of people between 7,000-10,000.

Around 7:30pm word reached the crowd that Claude Deeter had died at Marion Hospital. Police brought Deeter’s bloody shirt to the square and hung it on the front window of the police station. This incensed the mob and members retrieved a length of new rope from the local hardware store along with sledgehammers and crowbars. Though he refused to unlock the jail, Sheriff Jay Campbell ordered his men not to attack the mob who soon gained entry.

Shipp was taken from his cell first and quickly beaten to death with a crowbar. Then rioters dragged his body down the sidewalk kicking and striking it with bricks, boards, and shoes along the way. They then hung his body from the jail window next to Deeter’s shirt. The mob then returned to the jail and removed the 18 year old Smith from his cell. Though beaten, he was carried alive to the old maple where members of the mob prepared a second noose and lifted him into the tree. Struggling for his life, Smith reached up and attempted to untie the noose. Several men came forward, lowered him down, stabbed him and broke his arms before lifting him up again. They then re-hung Shipp’s lifeless body next to Smith. Photographer Laurence Beitler was called in to take a formal portrait of the dead boys and crowd, a regular ritual in spectacle lynchings.

After the murder, the crowd milled around for about twenty minutes taking photographs and then returned to the jail to retrieve Cameron. Barred by the Sheriff, they chanted loudly for the sixteen year old, something Cameron would remember for the rest of his life. Pushing past the Sheriff they took hold of Cameron and carried him to the tree where a noose was placed around his neck and he was lifted up. As the rope tightened around his throat, the crowd began to argue and debate among themselves. Some said Cameron was too young, others said he had nothing to do with crime. Those advocating for his life won out and they lowered him from the tree returned him to the jail where he was smuggled out of the area by Sheriff Campbell. Lifelong scars from the attempted lynching remained visible around Cameron’s neck.

Pictures of the event were widely circulated, sparking national debate. Much attention was paid to the presence of children during the lynching. Teacher, songwriter, and labor activist Abel Meeropol saw the photos during and subsequently wrote the poem ‘Bitter Fruit’ under his pseudonym Lewis Allan, a scathing attack on the American practice of lynching. He later set the poem to music and changed the name to 'Strange Fruit’. The song was covered by Billie Holiday becoming an international. The song brought much attention to the routine brutality against African-Americans that was so common during the era.

Many Northerners reacted with shame as lynching was widely and falsely believed to be a Southern phenomena. The stark photos brought to light the reality of the practice in the Northern territories and the horrifying carnival like atmosphere of the open murders. This was the last public lynching in the North. Pieces of the rope used in the lynching were kept by members of the mob.

Cameron later stood trial, charged with being an accessory before the fact to the killing of Claude Deeter though little evidence was available and he was definitely not present at the time of the shooting. He served four years in jail and after being paroled in 1935 he moved to Detroit, Michigan where he attended Wayne State University to become a boiler engineer.
After graduating he found a job, began raising a new family, and began his lifelong work in civil rights activism. He founded several branches of the NAACP, including Madison County, Muncie, and South Bend, Indiana. From 1942 - 1950 he served as Indiana State Director of Civil Liberties reporting to Governor of Indiana Henry Schricker on violations of the “equal accommodations” laws designed to end segregation. During his eight-year tenure, Cameron investigated numerous incidents of civil rights infractions. He faced routine death threats and violence because of this work

By the 1950’s Cameron had grown weary of battling militant racists and moved to Milwaukee seeking a safer life for his wife and five children. There Cameron continued his work in civil rights by helping to organize direct action to end segregated housing in the city. He also participated in both marches on Washington the first with Martin Luther King, Jr., and the second with King’s widow Coretta Scott King. He studied history in his spare time and between 1955 and 1989 he published scores of articles and booklets detailing civil rights and occurrences of racial injustices, including “What is Equality in American Life?”; “The Lingering Problem of Reconstruction in American Life: Black Suffrage”; and “The Second Civil Rights Bill”.

in 1991 Cameron was officially pardoned by Indiana Governor Evan Bayh and the Indiana Parole Board. In 1999 he received an honorary doctoral degree (Doctor of Humanities) from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

After a visit with his wife to the Yad Vashem memorial in Israel during the early '80’s Cameron was inspired to found America’s Black Holocaust Museum. He mortgaged his house and led a grassroots campaign to fund the project, gaining support from regular people and some wealthy philanthropists. A twelve thousand square-foot gym was purchased for one dollar from the City of Milwaukee, Wisconsin and renovated with the money raised. In 1988 the museum opened to wide acclaim. It featured artifacts, photographs, postcards, and recordings dealing with slavery, lynching during Jim Crow, and the 20th century civil rights movement. Much of the material was from Cameron’s personal collection, gathered during his work as an investigator and political revolutionary. In 2008, two years after his death, the museum closed because of financial problems. It reopened on Cameron’s birthday, February 25, 2012, as a virtual museum.

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what do you think of the recent vox article: No easy answers: why left-wing economics is not the answer to right-wing populism

tl;dr: It’s bad. 

Apologies for how incredibly long this is, and further apologies if I stop making sense at some point, as these are all rough first thoughts (and, again, this is really long).

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Hello! (♥ó㉨ò)ノ♡ I'd like to request one! 'Leave your lover by Sam Smith' with Tendou or 'I'm not the only one by Sam Smith' with Bokuto. I couldn't pick one so I'd love to let you decide! Thank you! ❤

Thank you for requesting and I really hope I did justice for your song and character choice!

Leave Your Lover By Sam Smith – Tendou

Sighing heavily, Tendou watches from across the room as you make your way to the bar, eager to gather more libations. The past few months have been tough on him, having to leave everything he’s known for the great big bad world. Even though it was his decision to stop after high school, he misses volleyball. He misses his friends a lot more than he thought he would for telling himself he prefers to be a loner.

That’s all bullshit and he knows it.

He ended up coming to this school just because you’re here. Because he’s been in love with you all through high school and a part of him always hoped you’d “wake up” and see what was right in front of you.  

Don’t have direction, I’m just rolling down this road

Waiting for you to bring me in from out the cold

But it wasn’t too long after you’d both settled into your new routines that you added an unexpected element to yours; a boyfriend. And that’s when the insomnia started for him.

You’ll never know the endless nights, the rhyming of the rain

Or how it feels to fall behind and watch you call his name

Tendou should have left then or at least pulled away a bit to give himself room to get used to this, but he’s a masochist, choosing to stay close to the girl he loves while she wastes her time on someone who doesn’t deserve her. And he knows the guy doesn’t because most of the conversations you and he have about the boyfriend consist of you either complaining about problems or excusing them away.

And lately his thoughts have been consumed with asking you to come to your senses and see this guy just isn’t worthy of you.

Leave your lover, leave him for me

“Things are getting better,” you comment sitting down.

He hums in acknowledgment of your words, though he’s only half listening at this point, taking a long swig of his beer.

“I think after this semester we’ll be more settled. It’s challenging with our schedules, you know? Like, he has practice so much and family obligations. It’s just hard but we’ll get through it.”

Tendou doesn’t know if you’re trying to convince him or yourself at this point. And he really shouldn’t be annoyed with you; as your self-proclaimed best friend he should be a supportive, listening ear but he’s reaching the end of his tether and it’s about to snap.

Another beer lands before him, Tendou sending a look of thanks to the waitress who winks at him. He barely catches it, but you see it and grin.

“Just think, Satori-kun, someday we’ll be sitting here or somewhere similar toasting to one another because we finally found true love,” you say, giggling slightly under the influence of the large pint you’ve already consumed as you raise your hand for another.

We sit in bars and raise our drinks to growing old

Oh, I’m in love with you and you will never know

He chuckles mirthlessly. Tendou doesn’t know if he’s being over dramatic, but he really feels in the depth of his heart that he will never find a more perfect girl for him than you, so even the thought of anyone else sets his teeth on edge. But he won’t tell you that, you don’t need that burden.

But if I can’t have you I’ll walk this life alone

Spare you the rising storms and let the rivers flow

The sound of your cell phone ringing pierces through the hubbub of the bar. When your eyes light up, he knows it’s him.

“Hi sweetie,” you coo into the phone, sending a bright smile to Tendou that makes his stomach flip. But the next moment, he’s frowning, watching your face begin to fall as you listen to whatever your “perfect prince” is saying.

“But we had it planned for months!” you protest, tone bordering on whining. A few tears prickle the edges of your eyes, your grip on the phone tightening. “I understand that but can’t he make an exception?” More tears, some sliding down your cheeks and Tendou feels his own fist clench in anger; what the hell is saying to make you cry?

“Fine, yeah, whatever,” you say breathlessly, snapping your phone down and shoving it in your purse.

There’s silence between you and Tendou, your eyes cast down to the table.

“Sorry, Satori-kun, he-“

“Leave him,” Tendou says firmly and your head shoots up, eyes wide.


He takes your hand, stemming your speech and repeats slowly, “Leave him,” his eyes filled with the truth of his affections. 

Pack up and leave everything

Don’t you see what I can bring

You shake your head a little, unclear what he means. “Satori-kun, I appreciate your concern but-“

He interrupts again, “This has nothing to do with concern and everything to do with the fact that I’m in love with you!”

Can’t keep this beating heart at bay

He feels you jump at his words. “I never told you before because I was too damn scared, but I’m telling you now and I know I’m better for you that he is. So please,” he stands, walking slowly around the table to stand before you on your stool, hand cupping the side of your face. “Let me show you what it means to be someone’s everything.”

Set my midnight sorrow free

I will give you all of me

Just leave your lover, leave him for me

Tendou sees you swallow, your body quivering a bit as you look up at him. The slightest lift of your head sends his coursing down to plant his lips against yours, his arm wrapping around your waist. You sigh into the kiss, body releasing its tension as he holds you upright.

When you part, he can see you’re still crying but the light shining in the center of your irises gives him hope that they are tears of joy.

You confirm his suspicions when you whisper, “Finally.”

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Chị Su à, em cũng không biết tại sao nữa.. em ngồi cùng bàn với cậu ấy được 2 tháng rồi, bỗng hôm nay cô đổi chỗ em đi, tự nhiên em thấy hụt hẫng lắm, em còn buồn nữa, rất buồn.. kiểu thấy trống trải lắm.. Lúc đầu bọn em cũng rất bth vì ngồi với nhau nên cũng nch nhiều rồi hỏi bài, cậu ấy hay giảng bài cho em còn quan tâm em nữa, chắc thành thói quen rồi, bayh đổi chỗ em thấy rất khó chịu, em kb em làm sao nữa.. có phải do quen dựa dẫm vậy rồi bayh không còn nữa nên thấy vậy không? Embuonlam:<

Không đâu em ạ. Chỉ là quen rồi khó đổi thôi. Dù gì vẫn còn học chung lớp mà em, không hiểu bài thì cứ bay qua hỏi bạn đó thôi. Đừng buồn nữa em nha! :)

never had a daughter

she has bruises on his face
and scars on her thighs
she feels so out of place
she’s one of the guys

her parents say, “where is my daughter?”
and they wish they hadn’t fought her.
it comes the time for her to say:
i will be a man by the end of the day.

he wears a bandage night and day
it keeps the breasts at bay
he cuts his hair simultaneously
he cuts it short, spontaneously

500 ng/dl testosterone
he calls his mother on the telephone
“honey, you sound different
deeper, like a boy; those are my two cents”

$7,500 dollars for a surgery
now they’ll all call me him, his and he
a bit of anesthesia, and i wake up with no breasts
now nobody has to take a hard guess

mom, dad, your son is home.

written by otto aka ratlsd

Anyway election day is coming 1 week from today, so remember we are not only voting for Trump to not be President but  also for local leaders such as filling seats in the senate.

But there are seats for grab where you could put people who idk support ideas such as freedom of choice; human rights like gay rights; regulations of, and protections from, exploits of the law, the environment, and humans…things like that! I don’t know why we still have to vote to protect these things but they are honestly up for grabs. 

So we have to vote

Although every state and local election matter and are important, here are some swing states for the senate

  • Nevada (check out Catherine Cortez Masto),
  • Florida (check out Patrick Murphy, he’s running up against Marc Rubio), 
Surprise! CIA investigates itself and finds it did nothing wrong by spying on the Senate

The CIA investigated the CIA and determined that the CIA did nothing wrong.  Got it?  Now, stop asking questions…

from Washington Post:

An internal CIA panel concluded in a report released Wednesday that agency employees should not be punished for their roles in secretly searching computers used by Senate investigators, a move that was denounced by lawmakers last year as an assault on congressional oversight and a potential breach of the Constitution.

Rejecting the findings of previous inquiries into the matter, the CIA review group found that the agency employees’ actions were “reasonable in light of their responsibilities to manage an unprecedented computer system” set up for Senate aides involved in a multiyear probe of the CIA’s treatment of terrorism suspects.

The agency panel, which was led by former U.S. senator Evan Bayh (D-Ind.), cited a lack of clear ground rules between the CIA and the Senate, and it faulted CIA workers for missteps including reading e-mails of congressional investigators.

But while such transgressions were “clearly inappropriate,” Bayh said in a statement released by the CIA, they “did not reflect malfeasance, bad faith, or the intention to gain improper access” to sensitive Senate material.

The findings are at odds with the conclusions reached by the CIA’s inspector general in a separate review last year and were quickly dismissed by lawmakers including Sen. Dianne Feinstein (Calif.), the top Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee, who led the investigation of the interrogation program.

read the rest

If you were to spy on the Senate computers, you would likely be prosecuted as a terrorist or enemy of the state.  But when the CIA does it, there’s not “malfeasance or bad faith.”

Ex-Subway spokesman sentenced to 15 years on sex crime charges

Indy Star: Former Subway spokesman Jared Fogle was sentenced to 15 years, eight months in prison on Thursday after pleading guilty to possession and distribution of child pornography and sex with a minor.

Follow updates on

Photo: Jared Fogle enters the Birch Bayh Federal Building and United States Courthouse for sentencing, Thursday, November 19, 2015.
(Photo: Kelly Wilkinson/The Star)

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Why do we still use the electoral college? Why don't we just use the popular vote?

The electoral college is provided for in our Constitution, so in order to eliminate it, we’d need a constitutional amendment – and in order to do that, we’d need a two-thirds vote of both the House and the Senate. And then after that, 38 of the 50 states would have to ratify that amendment. 

A little bit of history into why this system even exists: in 1787, when leaders were drafting the U.S. constitution, the No. 1 thing they were worried about was giving too much power to the biggest states with the highest populations. There were only 13 states back then, but you can see this even now — a state like California has more people living in it than a state like Rhode Island, but they both are awarded electors in the electoral college to even out this imbalance. (We answered more questions about the electoral college here.) 

As our reporter Aaron Blake writes here, a couple different people have tried to propose eliminating the electoral college in the past. Sen. Alben Barkley in 1934 and Sen. Birch Bayh in 1966, and some state efforts have popped up in the last decade. 

Read more here: 

This is what my gut says is going to happen tomorrow. Although I can imagine losing Florida too. Clinton with 278 might be the smarter prediction. I hope I’m underestimating Clinton. If it goes like this the senate is going to be tough. 49 dems seems likely. 50-51 if we’re lucky. We need to be +4 so I’m hoping Maesto keeps Reid’s seat and then we pick up seats with Duckworth, Feingold, Bayh, and Hassan. And again, Jason Kander in Missouri really ought to fucking win.