Anyway election day is coming 1 week from today, so remember we are not only voting for Trump to not be President but  also for local leaders such as filling seats in the senate.

But there are seats for grab where you could put people who idk support ideas such as freedom of choice; human rights like gay rights; regulations of, and protections from, exploits of the law, the environment, and humans…things like that! I don’t know why we still have to vote to protect these things but they are honestly up for grabs. 

So we have to vote

Although every state and local election matter and are important, here are some swing states for the senate

  • Nevada (check out Catherine Cortez Masto),
  • Florida (check out Patrick Murphy, he’s running up against Marc Rubio), 

never had a daughter

she has bruises on his face
and scars on her thighs
she feels so out of place
she’s one of the guys

her parents say, “where is my daughter?”
and they wish they hadn’t fought her.
it comes the time for her to say:
i will be a man by the end of the day.

he wears a bandage night and day
it keeps the breasts at bay
he cuts his hair simultaneously
he cuts it short, spontaneously

500 ng/dl testosterone
he calls his mother on the telephone
“honey, you sound different
deeper, like a boy; those are my two cents”

$7,500 dollars for a surgery
now they’ll all call me him, his and he
a bit of anesthesia, and i wake up with no breasts
now nobody has to take a hard guess

mom, dad, your son is home.

written by otto aka ratlsd

Ex-Subway spokesman sentenced to 15 years on sex crime charges

Indy Star: Former Subway spokesman Jared Fogle was sentenced to 15 years, eight months in prison on Thursday after pleading guilty to possession and distribution of child pornography and sex with a minor.

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Photo: Jared Fogle enters the Birch Bayh Federal Building and United States Courthouse for sentencing, Thursday, November 19, 2015.
(Photo: Kelly Wilkinson/The Star)