Tease - Julian Brandt

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“Y/n I’m home!” Julian yells waiting for his beautiful wife to appear so he can kiss her.

“Baby, where are you?” He yells again as she hasn’t appeared and their house is unusually quiet.

He makes his way to their bedroom only to be welcomed with dim lights and slow music. He enters the room smirking knowing something was up and takes a seat on the bed. His head then rises as the door to the attached bathroom opens, revealing Y/n in her bathrobe grinning looking dolled up.

“Hey handsome.” She says in a dark tease filled voice. She heads towards him. Each step filled with power and confidence.

“Hey beautiful, what’s this about?” He asks grabbing her hand to kiss it.

“I have something for you..” she says sliding a finger over his face and over his lips. She then continues to remove his jacket and top until his amazing six pack is on display.

“Do you trust me?” Y/n says before giving his lips a lust filled kiss. Julian nods which makes her smirk. She pushes him up the bed until he’s backed against the bed rails. Sliding along his arms she grabs two ties and carefully ties his arms to the bed.

Surprised, Julian tries to remove the ties but y/n stops him before he could.

“You’ll like this baby.” She says kissing down his neck and leaving a few love bites.

Y/n walks off the bed and stands in front of him and sends a cheeky smile.

She slowly unveils her her body, giving julian the view of her soft smooth skin, her lacy black lingerie cupping her breast. His gaze travels lower to the very revealing black panties, showing enough for his to feel the heat grow within him.

She crawls towards him, giving him the view of her breast as she eyes his body. When she reaches him, she carefully caresses his jaw to his neck and down his chest, lingering just above his hips. Precisely, she removes his trousers leaving his briefs, which are straining, on and leaves one kiss above the brief elastic.

Julian groans as she eyes him while climbing on his lap, slightly grazing his hard on, making his eyes roll back. She caresses his tied arms as closed the distance between their lips. He edges towards her, needing the sensation of her lips but as he comes closer she pulls away and smirks.

He needs to touch her. Feel her skin. Make her feel good. But she has other plans. She slides her fingers across his lean torso, watching him as he rolls his eyes back on pleasure. She crawls down his body, making sure to slightly graze her wetness again his arousal. She moans at the contact making him groan at her excitement. She slowly frees him for his underwear, earning her a hiss as she blows on his pulsing head. Looking directly in his eyes, she swiftly and sexily licks down his girth and brings it up to his head, leaving a simple kiss, giving her a taste of his arousal. She handles him, moving tightly up and down his hardness while penetrating the tip with her hot wet mouth.

“Fuck baby, I fucking love your mouth” he grunts as I try to deep as much as him as shecan. The feeling of his top hitting the back of her throat causes him to buckle his hips, tears pooling my eyes as well as my pussy. She feels him pulses inside her mouth and sees him tighten his chest, knowing he’s on edge. She sucks in her cheeks making him restless against the ties. She feels him tighten even more. His breathing gets heavier and rapid, she knows he’s waiting on her to let him.

She moans against his dick, an indication to let himself go. In an instant she feels his warm seed invade her mouth. The thick and salty juices of him, swallowed whole. But she’s not done.

Coming low from his high, he stares at her.

“Fucking untie me Y/n” he says through narrowed eyes and a stern voice. She whimpers as his dominant side comes to play. Obeying she unties him, preparing for the immense pleasure coming her way.

Once free he flips her and plunges himself in, giving her no time to ajust. The sweet innocent looks guy was completely taken over by this lustful and dominant persona. Every. Thrust. Hard hitting. The contact of his shaft inside her brought immense pleasure. She was a mess. Sweat forming on both their faces.

“You like that baby? You feel so tight” he groans causing her to clench against him.

“Ahh fuck yes tighten around be Liebe” he demands. The intensity of his words and the pounding of him inside her brought her so close.

“Ahh Julian pleasee” she moans.

He goes harder and harder. The slapping of their skin bouncing off the walls. She watches as his face tightens and she knows he’s holding it for her.

“Cum Ju my baby let it go” she says breathlessly. She arches her back as she reaches he climax. With one hard thrust, he spills himself in her, plopping on top of her as he catches his breath.

She caresses his hair as she gives soft kisses on her neck.

“You’re something special, you know that? And you’re mine” He asks, lifting his head to look at her.

“I love you. ” he says leaning in with for a kiss.

“More than you’ll understand” she mumbles into their kiss.

Heyy I’ve been having Brandt feels lately so thought why not. Honestly this went from a Ronaldo to Jesus navas to him, but I have stuff planned out. Thankss

Someone from Die Mannschaft finally has spoken out in defence of Mesut Özil, and it’s none other than the youngest player from the team (and palest boy ever), Julian Brandt:

Much respect👏👏👏👏👏