baybayin calligraphy

Bangon Pilipinas (“Rise Up Philippines”) inspired by the all the heartwarming international support in the wake of Super Typhoon Haiyan last November. Every character is made up of my personal English translation of the Filipino patriotic song Bayan Ko:

My country, the Philippines, a land of gold/ 
and of flowers, held Love in the palm of Her hand,
and held beauty and splendor as/ offerings,
and because of Her refinement and beauty,
those from afar grew enticed. My home/
You were enslaved and thrown into darkness and pain.

You cage a free bird, and it will cry in anguish. How much more for a people/ She, so beautiful,
yearning only to be free to fly/ My Philippines,
my treasure, cradle of my tears and suffering/
My dream is to see thee truly free.

I am hoping to make this available as an order-able print soon, if people would like me to.

[Image: In rough-edged, flowing blue strokes, “umaga” in baybayin calligraphy, with gold accents.]

Umaga means morning. I got up quite early today to try out my folded pen – it’s such an interesting tool! And it goes beautifully with free-form calligraphy paintings. I’ve been gone quite a while because I’ve been unwell, but I think this is a good way to get back in the groove. Greeting the morning with calligraphy.

I was asked some time ago whether I’m selling the originals of the pieces I post here, and my reply is – yes, usually the pieces are for sale, except for the ones I do on scratch paper, since those are… not very sellable! Some are, though! This one, for instance, is done on thick paper and signed, so it’s definitely not scratch paper material and quite frame-able. You can also ask me to render something in a style I’ve used in any of the pieces posted here; that works, too!

And okay, work work work!

[Image: in black calligraphy, intertwined letters for baybayin ‘halaman’, surrounded by stylized floral ink ornamentation.]

More experimentation with baybayin. This came after several failed attempts to do a sheet of italics, and went on to consume several hours of pretty intense pointed pen work.

Broad-edge and pointed pens, Moon Palace sumi and J Herbin Perle Noire ink. Halaman is Filipino for 'plant’. Actual size is approximately 2.5 x 2.5 inches.