Bayad Center Commercial

Super random but let’s talk about the Bayad Center commersh! It’s “Whatever Wednesday”, after all!

So this commercial makes me happy because you can actually see my face and back without having to pause the commercial hahaha! Gulo ng hair ko but kebs lang!

Truth be told, I had no idea I’d be bagging this project. Sometimes I go to auditions and come out not feeling confident because the other talents were prettier, or were wearing nicer shoes…

But sometimes God likes to surprise and shocks you with His unexpected blessings! So here I am with my second commercial of the year! :)

Anna, Star, and I were the main characters. And I’d like to thank everyone who was so nice and sweet to us, giving us food, and providing us with aircon HAHA!

Say hello to the hardworking extras! These few people changed clothes over and over for each scene. Para akala niyo sobrang daming extras haha!

I have tons and tons of pictures, because actually from the 17 hours I was at the location, mga 4 hours lang shoot ng part ko HAHAHA I was just asleep most of the day. Waiting for my turn. Eating chips and talking to the make up artist. =))

Anyway yun lang! I’ll blog about Mitsubishi also soon. For now I just want to say thank you so much to Bayad Center for choosing me to be your cashier for the latest TVC! <333