bay x graham

- A love that can brave this storm.

So yea Polarized left me emotionally distraught and a sobbing mess that took me a few days to come to terms with but now I’m up to drawing some fanart of my two favourite lesbians <3

Also in my happy head canon everyone is alive and well and Max managed to quell the storm and saves the town and her girlfriend ;v; </333

Ficlet: Footsie
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Bae/Graham Date. I don’t care what verse!

Bay/Graham and Rumbelle doubledate. AU where Bay’s grown up and back in Storybrooke, and Graham never died

Graham’s foot was sliding up the inside of his calf, and Bay couldn’t ignore it. “Stop that.” he hissed, and Belle, sat beside him, glanced up.

“What is it, Bay?”

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“Slowly.  You want to turn the bowl, make it work for you as you fold the whipped eggs into the mixture.”  Bay’s lips almost brushed his lover’s neck as he stood behind him, talking him through the recipe.  It was hot and humid, the summer weather not really meant for baking, but when you owned a bakery that didn’t matter.  People wanted their muffins and cookies no matter the weather.

It was a perk, though, that the heat meant Graham had forgone his usual button up shirt.  After a little convincing he’s forgone his shirt altogether.  One of the things Bay loved about baking was the way it incorporated the senses, the smell of the vanilla and chocolate, the sound of the mixer, the taste of cranberries and oatmeal, the touch of the elastic dough under his hand.  Touch had taken on a whole new meaning, though, when it was Graham’s back against his chest.

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Bae/Graham, Gold catches them

“Oh, you could lock the door, son!” Gold cried, as he slammed the bedroom door shut again as fast as he’d arrived, and Bay fought the urge to die of mortification, or to laugh helplessly into Graham’s bare chest, or just to freeze and wait for the world to end: he didn’t know at all how to react.

Then the door burst open again, and Belle’s smiling, apologetic face appeared, her eyes squeezed shut, “Sorry, we’ll knock next time,” she promised, “Be safe, boys!” she chirped, happily, and blindly lobbed a packet of ribbed Trojans and a bottle of lube onto the bed.

The door closed again, and Graham dissolved into helpless laughter as Bay stared at the things on the bed, and the closed door where his new stepmother had just appeared and vanished again, “Thanks!” Graham called, jovially, and that was what broke him: Bay collapsed, he couldn’t breathe he was laughing so hard, and Graham had to kiss him again to shut him up.

Fic: Ready To Drown

Title: Ready To Drown
Summary: The Captain of the Golden Dagger is a strange man, clean and neat and without any of the normal swaggering ego Rab would expect from a pirate. Or: what happens in Bay’s cabin after they left the brig.
A/N: More Bay/Graham pirate!AU, as a birthday present for the lovely Fyre :D

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Bae and Graham: A date gone wrong.

Bay didn’t like Mayor Mills: she was cruel, for one thing, and dressed like a dominatrix going to a business meeting, and had that way of snidely smiling that made you feel like a bug she was going to step on.

That same smile she was showing him, as she put a territorial hand on Graham’s shoulder, and why oh why did she come to Granny’s tonight of all nights? Why couldn’t she have just stayed away?

Graham, at least, seemed as uncomfortable as Bay felt, and in the end Regina left with what could only have been a promise to see Graham later, that she’d leave the door unlocked.

Bay wasn’t about to hit a woman, but his soon-to-be stepmother, sat a few tables over with his father, was another matter altogether. She stood up, tiny even in her high heels but more than making up for it in anger, and pulled the Mayor around by her shoulder.

“Excuse me, Mayor Mills,” Belle said, sweetly, “But I think you misunderstood,” she leaned in close, quiet and dangerous, “Graham’s Bay’s boyfriend, not yours, and if you do anything to upset my family you’re going to regret it.”

“I’d keep my nose out of where it doesn’t belong, dear,” Regina said, snidely, “the Sheriff’s confusion is nothing to do with you.”

Belle’s palm connected solidly with Regina’s cheek, and later everyone swore blind that nothing had happened, that no one should be arrested, and that the Mayor started the little fight anyway. The date was ruined, but Bay rather felt like that was a small price to pay.

Fic: The Best of Company

Title: The Best of Company
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Bay/Graham
Summary: The Golden Dagger is a strange ship, by Rab Graham’s approximation. No cells, a reputation for loyalty and honor, and the least pirate-like Captain he’s ever come across.

This might be the start of a massive general OUAT pirate!AU. Huh. For Fyre, because we had a deal and I finally filled my side :)