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Green Victorian house by Eli & Anne-Marie


Slocum House | Vancouver, WA by Eli & Anne-Marie

Honey Bee

Characters: Cas x Reader
Words: 1006
Requested by @awkward-wayward-daughter ( Could you do a CastielXReader where Cas is really into metaphors and references and it’s just fluff? (Based on Honey Bee by Blake Shelton, I’m in a country mood right now, and I just realized that the song title is perfect for Cas))

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You were sitting in the floor in your room with your favorite book. You didn’t know why sitting on the floor was something you liked to do so much, but you preferred to sit there instead of on your bed or in a chair.

           Just as you were about to finish a chapter, you heard the unmistakable sound of wings, letting you know Castiel had appeared in your room.

           “The floor again?” you boyfriend asked.

           “I like it,” you said, continuing to look at the pages so you could finish up the chapter before giving Cas your full attention.

           “My sweet little book worm,” Cas smiled, sitting down behind you, “I really like watching you read.”

           You leaned back against him, “Why?”

           “Because you enjoy it so much. Your happiness is my sunshine,” he said, “I could watch you read forever.”

           “You’d get bored,” you said.

           “No I wouldn’t. You read in the floor, I’ll be your armchair. You just recline back on me, I’ll watch you read. And we’ll bother be happy.”

           You smiled, “Sounds like the perfect plan.”

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