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“Dear Evan Hansen”

Book by Steven Levenson; Music and Lyrics By Benj Pasek & Justin Paul

Music Box Theatre, 2016

Starring Ben Platt, Laura Dreyfuss, Rachel Bay Jones, Jennifer Laura Thompson, Mike Faist, Michael Park, Will Roland, Kristolyn Lloyd, Michael Lee Brown, Garrett Long, Olivia Puckett, Colton Ryan, & Asa Somers

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I was thinking the same thing about he fruit snacks! How do we do that?!

Here’s the format I used to send a letter the cast of Dear Evan Hansen! There are other formats, but I know this specific one works because I got a response! This will also work for packages (though you may need more stamps depending upon the size!). Happy sending!

I’m so happy to hear that dear evan hansen effing DOMINATED the tony’s!!!
I’m bummed mike didn’t win, but not having a tony doesn’t make his performance or connor’s character any less amazing.
I’m so glad ben won his tony, evan is such a special character and his portrayal is incredible.
all in all, I’m so happy for everyone involved in deh who won; this show really means a lot to me and I’m so happy to see it get the praise it definitely deserves!

Put My Heart Back Together Part 5

Summary: Reader isn’t human and when she finally confesses her love to a certain metal armed soldier, her heart breaks (literally) when he doesn’t love her back. Will the reader deal with the dullness she has to endure or will Bucky come to his senses? Soulmate AU?


Author’s Note: This is long. I apologize if this is complete shit.  My friend has helped me tremendously with the chapters, @krimzenrayne​ .

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It has been a year since your mother had come to live with you and since the decision that led to you and Bucky to be friends again. Bucky has changed his attitude towards you and it did make your chest a little lighter. You and Bucky began to communicate better, understand each other more clearly, and you both started to feel a lot better. It did take some time for you both to get use to the new change but your mother was there to help you both. At first, Bucky wouldn’t stay in the same room as you, he still felt the crushing weight of the guilt. You couldn’t look at him for more than a minute, he was so mesmerizing that you wanted to curl up to him but you couldn’t. 

You started to let your voice be heard, you didn’t wait until the last minute to say something and it made things a lot less painful. You didn’t overthink when Bucky would talk to another woman, you concluded that there are female agents and they do not get his love, that’s only you. You stopped being dramatic when someone hurt you or when they said something they didn’t know upset you. You started to feel better and your two heart puzzle pieces started to shift a little towards each other. 

Bucky stopped denying that he doesn’t deserve love, he learned to accept it. He didn’t go out of his way to make you upset anymore, so he wouldn’t get close to you. He stopped making decisions for you and started to talk to you about it. He start to think before he did something that might hurt you. 

All in all, it was a going good. You two still have a long way to go but this past year has showed how much you both improved. You felt somewhat happy and it felt good to feel something other than depressed or angry. 

“EVERYONE! MAY I PLEASE HAVE YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE!” Tony’s voice boomed through out the kitchen and the lounge area that was connected to the kitchen. You sat on the kitchen counter top, talking with your mom who was in front you. She had some baggy clothes on like you did, she was leaning against the counter behind her as she talked to you about Russia when the old man bombarded into the room. 

“Tony it is nine in the fucking morning. If you don’t tell us what this is about soon, I’m going to roast you.” You were a morning person but you hated when people do that, you didn’t like when people interrupted your conversations. 

“Well Y/N if you did than you would be uninvited to my party tonight. Everyone is invited, dress casual.” With that Tony swiftly exited the room, not wanting to hear any rejections. 

“Flame, are you going?” Your mother turned back to you once Tony left. You shrugged your shoulders as you sipped on your earl grey tea. You did want to go and have a good time but you didn’t exactly like big crowds. 

“I don’t know. You know how I get in large crowds.” Your mother hummed in agreement. You noticed that Bucky was talking with Natasha and Wanda in the lounge area. Your hands grew a faint shade of orange. 

“Flaaaaaaame.” Your mother drew out your pet name as she noticed your growing worry, literally. You snapped back to your mothers gaze and controlled your emotions.

“Why are you worrying?” You felt her hand grasp your hand as you let out a rather sad sigh.

“I guess I’m just insecure. Natasha and Bucky have had a past and she seems like the perfect fit even though the universe literally made us soulmates, I still get insecure.” You kept your head down as you confessed your thoughts. 

“Oh honey, it’s okay to be insecure as long as you don’t drown yourself in it.” She rubbed small circles on your hand as she gave you a toothy smile. 

“Anyway, are you going?” You changed the subject to avoid getting more into it, you agreed with her but you just hated to dwell on it. 

“I think I will.” She moved to the sink and placed her empty cup in the sink to wash it later. 

“I’m going to the lab to help Bruce. Call me if you need me okay sweetie?” You nodded at your mothers question and sipped on your tea. You began to debate whether you are going to the party or not. 

“Agent Y/L/N?” You rose your head to find a rather attractive young man staring at you. Who is he?

“Yes?” You wondered who this mysterious man was, you haven’t seen him before. He had blonde hair, blue eyes, and he was very fit.

“I’m Agent Bay Hart, I am new to the Avengers. You’re the only one I haven’t met so I thought I would introduce myself.” He extended his hand with a polite smile spread across his face. 

You jumped off the counter and took his hand in yours but once your skin made contact he jerked his hand back. 

“OW!” You might have forgotten to warn him that your hands are usually hotter than most. 

“I’m so sorry!” You couldn’t believe that you already burned him before you even said ‘hello.’

“It’s okay. I should’ve known that your body temperature is hotter than most.” He chuckled at his mistake and yours. You giggled a little as you two started to get to know more about each other. You’ve discovered that he is an excellent sniper, combat trainer, and he is married. 

“I bet I could kill more target faster than you.” He heard that you were one of the best snipers in the compound and he was one for a challenge. You chuckled and rolled your eyes at his competitiveness. 

“Suuuure and I bet that by tomorrow pig’s will fly.” He laughed at your sarcasm. 

“Y/N?” You looked up from Bay and your eyes met Bucky’s grey ones. 

“Hey Bucky!” You sounded happier than usual, your cheeks were a bit pink, you started to get nervous and Bay noticed your love struck state. Bay started to chuckle and nudge your side which made you push him away and let out a laugh at his behavior. Bucky just stood in front of you two and looked very confused. 

“So are you going to the party tonight?” Bucky went to the fridge to grab a water. You shrugged your shoulders and mumbled an, ‘ I don’t think so.’

“Oh come on Y/N, you can’t just stay in your room all night.” Bay wanted to hangout with you more and frankly you did too, he seemed nice. You pursed your lips, taped your finger on your chin as you pretend to think about it. Bay chuckled at your act and rolled his eyes. 

“I think that’s a great idea, Bay! I think Netflix and I have a date tonight anyway.” You and Bay were laughing at your comment while Bucky looked like he could kill at any moment. 

“I’ll talk to you later Y/N.” Bucky went to hug you and you of course returned it. Bucky gave Bay a cold stare but you didn’t see it. When you went to pull away Bucky didn’t make a move to disconnect you two anytime soon. You didn’t mind but you weren’t alone so you laughed as you lightly pushed him off. 

“I’ll see you later Bucky.” Bucky’s arm wrapped around your waist as he pressed a kiss to your cheek. You didn’t expect it but you smiled stupidly as he left the kitchen. 

“Okay, you have to tell me what that was about.” Bay had his head rested on his hands as he leaned against the counter listening to you intently as you explain everything. 

9:41 pm.

You didn’t go to the party, you didn’t feel like being around anyone tonight. You changed from your day clothes into your comfortable over-sized band tee and leggings. You went to the kitchen to grab some snacks and a drink as you made your course to the theater room. You asked F.R.I.D.A.Y to play When Harry Met Sally as you got comfortable on one of Tony’s expensive couches. The opening began to play when you heard the door open and you paused the movie to tell them to ‘fuck off’ but than you saw a familiar face. 

“Mind if I join?” Bay looked like he has been in bed all day. You furrowed your eyebrows as you made room for him to sit beside you. When he sat down, he groaned in pain. Your eyebrows increased to make its way towards each other. 

“Why are you not at the party?” 

“I had over trained today and I pulled some muscles. Didn’t really feel like getting wasted tonight.” You laughed at the explanation.

“You’re a body builder.” You sneered at the stupid man beside you as he gave you a playful glare. He rolled his eyes and you just chuckled as you told F.R.I.D.A.Y to play the movie. Throughout the movie, you and Bay discussed the characters you hated and loved, the plot, and the ending. 

“But come on Y/N, you can’t actually be into that.” You and Bay had abandoned the theater room for a moment, you had run out of food. You rolled your eyes at Bay’s stupid comment. You walked beside each other as you both made your way to the kitchen. 

“I love that quote. It’s romantic.” You argued with the blonde. 

“I dare you reenact it with me.” Bay smirked as your cheeks went pint. He rolled his eyes, “Just pretend it’s Bucky.” He smirked even wider when your face went tomato red. You sighed as you thought this would be fun to actually say it to someone even for a joke. Unbeknownst to you or Bay, Bucky was just about to enter the kitchen when he heard you talking to Bay. You and Bay began to grow serious so you two could reenact your favorite scene.

“I came here tonight because when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.” 

“You see? That is just like you, Bay. You say things like that, and you make it impossible for me to hate you.”You repeated your favorite quote with such passion that you sounded like you were serious. Bay insisted that you use his name rather than Harry because it would sound more real. Out of the corner of your eye you saw something reflect light in your eye.

But when you looked in that direction, you didn’t see anything. You shrugged your shoulders and looked back at Bay who was trying to be serious. He started to quote other cheesy love lines from other movies. You tried to stay serious throughout the whole thing but it was very difficult. 

“I want you. I want all of you, forever. You and me, every day.” Bay grasped your hand in order to make it more believable. You both were on the verge of laughing but you wanted to continue to see if you can make him laugh first.

  “You had me at hello.” You sounded so sincere, you sounded like you were actually confessing. You and Bay separated as you both cracked at the same time, the last quote was too much. 

“Oh my goodness, that was HILARIOUS.” You and Bay were on the floor laughing. You haven’t had a laugh like that in a very long time. You both got your asses off the floor and wiped the tears that spilled out during your giggle fit. 

You and Bay hung out in the kitchen for a couple hours. You decided to cook some cookies as you both shared some mission stories. You explained your race to your new team mate and he told you how he met his partner. 

“I think I’m going to head to Bucky’s room and see if he returned from the party.” You would usually spend your nights with Bucky but he went to the party. He promised to meet you later but you haven’t seen him in over six hours. Bay rolled his eyes as he gagged as he stuck his finger in his mouth pointing to this uvula.

“Oh shut up. I’ll see you later Bay.” You skipped out of the kitchen and took your time to Bucky’s room as you thought about the fun you had with your new friend. You giggled at the memory of the stupid cheesy lines. It was currently 12:43 am and you wanted to talk to Bucky before you headed to bed. 

“Bucky!” You knocked rapidly at his door hoping he’ll be in a good mood. You loved talking about your day to Bucky and you loved hearing about his. You just hated when he was in a bad mood, you hated to see him other than happy. 

Bucky’s door swung open and reviled a red eyed, slumped Bucky. You furrowed your eyebrows and made haste to comfort him but when you fingertips touched his cheek, he reacted like it was poison. The pain sketched on his face made your heart ache. You were about to ask what’s wrong when his voice made its way out of his throat. 

“Go away.” He slammed the door straight in your face. You stood there stunned at his behavior. Okay what the fuck was that?

“Bucky, what did I do?” You had a small pool of tears making their way around your vision. You didn’t like this, not one bit. 

“GO AWAY Y/N!” He sounded so angry. What had you done?

“I’ll talk to you tomorrow Bucky..” You mumbled loud enough for him to hear. You had your head down as you made your way towards your room to think about all the situations that might have led to this. 

Bucky’s POV.

I had walked into the kitchen in search for Y/N but when I heard her rather romantic confession towards the new agent, I bolted the minute she she confessed, “you had me at hello.”

I entered my room and as soon as the door shut, I punched the wall to my right. I retracted my metal fist from the plaster and engrossed my hands into my hair where they tangled themselves into my locks. I sat at the edge of my bed in order to calm down and evaluate the situation. 

“She’s my soulmate, she wouldn’t do this.” I tried to reason with my darker thoughts that began to whisper appalling words into my brain. 

You hurt her, you broke her heart, you idiot. You’re a monster, you can’t really think that this soulmate shit is real? You have a soulmate? You’ll never be loved.”  It all became too much, my vision faded and darkness invaded my sight and my mind. I couldn’t fight them anymore, they were too much. I sat on the corner of my bed, in the dark as I began to panic and feel worthless. 

Why would she love me?

“Bucky!!” Y/N beautiful voice came in my mind like a bullet. I furrowed my eyebrows, why was she here? I rose from my spot on the bed and wiped my eyes, even though it did nothing. I opened the door to find the love of my life. 

My shoulders slumped when all I could think about was those damn words as I saw her gorgeous fucking eyes. Damnit.

She went to touch my face as her expression turned to worry. When her fingertips brushed against my skin, all I could think about was her love confession to the new agent. I pulled away immediately as I thought about her holding on to Bay. 

“Go away.” I took all the strength I had left to look her in the eyes and shut the door in her face. I leaned my forehead on the door as I placed my hands on either side of my face. I love you, all I could repeat in my mind was those stupid three words. 

“Bucky what did I do?” She sounded so broken, it almost made me run out of the room and wrap her into me. Almost

“GO AWAY Y/N!” I screamed in an angry tone but I wasn’t angry with her. I was angry at myself for thinking I deserved her love. I could never be angry with her even if she broke my heart. I felt betrayed. 

I found myself on my knees as I still had my hands and forehead pressed against the door. 

“I love you, Y/N. I love you more than you know.” I found myself whispering through the pain how much I love my precious angel. But she wasn’t mine, at least not anymore. 


“What did I do, mamma? Everything was going so well until three weeks ago.” Every night since that dreadful night when Bucky closed his door on you, you’ve been crying yourself to sleep in your mother’s lap. It’s been three weeks exactly since Bucky decided to cut you off, it hurt more each day. You tried, fuck did you try, to talk to him. He only gave you a stone cold glare and a scoff as he pushed you aside and resumed what he was doing. 

“Ssh, flame, we’ll find out what is going on m’kay? It will be okay.” She would always hold her arms wide open when you’d open the door with red cheeks and tears cascading down your face. You soon drifted off into dreamland as your mother pet your hair, kissed your forehead, and tucked you in.

Wanda was in the main kitchen when she saw your mother come into view with a sorrowful look on her face. She leaned her elbows on the counter as she massaged her temples with her fingertips. Wanda and your mother have grown close and your mother had grown fond of the witch. Your mother had officiously adopted Wanda for a birthday, you both cried so hard. Wanda was now your sister and your mother had another addition to the family.  

“Mom, is everything okay?” Wanda sat her cup of tea down and placed her hand on her shoulder. 

“Hmm? Oh yes, I’m just confused and worried about this situation with Y/N and Bucky.” Your mother kept her eyebrows furrowed and her eyes focused on the basket of fruit in front of her as she thought of ways to help. 

“I think I may know why.” Tony popped his head around the corner to show he was eavesdropping on the two women. “Before you say anything, I miss my cheerful Y/N, so when I noticed something happened between the two I did some research on the security cameras.” Tony explained his reasoning behind his case. 

Tony held out his tablet to the two curious women, he then pressed play when they nodded him to do so. It played that fateful night. It was a perfect angle, you could see you two clearly as well as the hallway where Bucky was eavesdropping. The two women had their eyes wide when they saw that Bucky didn’t wait until you both crackled with laughter to leave. This explains it all. 

“Oh shit.” Wanda gasped at the new evidence to the case of your broken state and Bucky’s. The group of three took it all in, Tony took it in for the second time. 

They began to come up with a plan to get you two to at least talk. Now it was time to put it in action.

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