bay switched at birth


Maybe you’re remembering it wrong. It was the Christmas during that big snowstorm, and the power went out. You went to the grocery store because all the food in the fridge went bad. And he took me into the garage.

You know what I realized? SAB has never let Bay just be angry or upset without making her look to be the bad guy.

Being switched at birth and having to deal with her parents’ attention now going to another child with special needs? Suck it up buttercup.

Falling for Emmett and he does the same. But then Daphne thinks she may like him? Oh you have to give her a break, she’s been his friend for years.

Regina knew about the switch and never came for her? Well, Regina meant well so Bay has to forgive her within in an episode. (FTR, I don’t blame Regina, but the girls had every right to be upset.)

Emmett cheats on her? You can’t hold grudges forever, Bay.

Tank sleeps with Bay when she was too drunk to remember if she consented? (Aka raped her) Well la-di-freaking-da Bay. Don’t you care that this straight privileged white boy had his life ruined because he raped you? You must forgive him. You shouldn’t have been drinking anyway. Oh and when your supposed BFF dates him, her mom had a stroke so ya know, that makes it okay for her to date a rapist.

Angelo dies? We don’t have time to explore your feelings on this, we gotta show Daphne who ignored him for 3 seasons and started bonding with him an episode before his death.

Emmett makes a movie about the rape without her permission? Well guess what, now he’s all messed up so it’s all cool now.

Seriously. I am so over how this show treats her. No one faces consequences except her it seems. I want her to take Travis and move back to China where she can do tattoos and have little ginger babies with him.


- “I will always come find you.”
- “You are the one who I always come back to.”

Switched at Birth Finale

Bay and Emmett not being endgame though 

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 I’ve spent five years of my life on this ship 

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How could they NOT be endgame

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They are perfect.

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They are love. 

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They are life. 

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They are OTP. 

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They should have been endgame. 

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