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April O'neil sketch! More I see trailers, more I want to see the film. It’s definitely growing on me. And I have to say, Megan Fox as April wasn’t a bad choice at all! Cheers, thanks for looking!

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What Will the TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES Look Like in the 2014 Bay Movie? : Black Nerd Rants about details on the TMNT Character Designs based on their leaked… Toy Fair action figures??

*Part of the video is also a tribute to James Avery.

New image of Shredder is out
I don’t even know where to start with this thing
I guess with the obvious: Wolverine much? I might have been just a wee lad when I watched this but I do not remember him having freaking swords attached to his arms!? Not even on the SNES when he hulks out at the end of Turtles in Time. Edward scissorhands got into the steroid business.
Also seriously, this seems very similar to a Michael Bayed Silver Samurai from the last Wolverine movie.

Lets move on, I’m assuming there’s a fork and a toothpick somewhere in that armor as they obviously tried to make him the swiss army knife of armors.

Now speaking of a more practical approach, how is this man supposed to even walk let alone fight without cutting himself into ribbons? He seems to have a spike or a blade poking out of every nook and cranny. I would not want to be him rushing to the bathroom with the runs.
I don’t expect a speedy Shredder with all this bulk on him either, it seems like the fights might just go for the Juggernaut approach.

I was truly excited when I heard about this movie was being made and with every update I find myself more dissapointed. Definitely not interested in giving Hollywood my money for this one anymore.

Uber TMNT fan bestnatesmithever any thoughts?

Edit: saw you posted this image too a while ago before my queue got to it haha

NINJA TURTLES 2014 TEASER TRAILER REVIEW : Black Nerd Recaps and Reviews the Teaser Trailer for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014) starring Megan Fox and produced by Michael Bay.


TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES Trailer #2 Review : Black Nerd Reaction to the new Ninja Turtles 2014 Movie with a possible Oruku Saki Shredder? Plus the TMNT Alien controversy is myth busted.

TMNT rant!

I know so many people are up in arms about the new Ninja Turtles, but people need to understand these guys have been around for 30 years. Like every THING and every BODY in 30 years, things change. This brand has been rebooted, reincarnated, redone in so many different ways since 1984. All the different movies, comic books and TV shows have been *gasp!* DIFFERENT. That’s how a brand like TMNT has even been able to stay alive this long.

I understand some people don’t like the new designs, but the Turtles look badass in my opinion. Scary, realistic, threatening, and (as their name suggests) like MUTANTS. There’s psychological studies that explain how humans are utterly terrified by things that resemble us - things that look more human that aren’t supposed to. I don’t think anyone fears a bunch of ninja turtles because they’re “cute”. April damn well faints in the teaser! And remember when everyone bitched about them being aliens in this? Now that they’re not, people are still bitching. In the latest comic line, the Turtles were 4 human teenage boys and Splinter was their human dad before they were all killed and magically reincarnated into turtles and a rat. Talk about an origin change, and these comics have been very successful (and the artwork is amazing).

People need to be more open-minded about this stuff. I never understood how definitive people are in their negative judgments for a movie they’re going to end up watching anyway. That must be extremely exhausting. I’m not saying you HAVE to like this, or anything for that matter. But most of the time these things don’t end up being as bad as people are hoping. And if this movie ends up sucking, I’m going to guess the writing is the biggest culprit here, not “Omg Mickey has lipsssss!!1!!”.

No one loves the original TMNT movie as much as I do. No one. It was so dark and gritty for a children’s property. And the themes of family and brotherhood was such a beautiful hook. But people seem to forget that movie got TERRIBLE reviews when it came out. Nostalgia truly blinds people. You guys survived the Turtles dancing with Vanilla Ice - you will survive this, as well. Michael Bay hasn’t “raped” anyone’s childhood. You all work and pay taxes now. Your childhood died a long time ago. RIP 😄

If you get the chance, go see the TMNT movie with an 8yrold TMNT fan. My little cousin was super excited, screamed when he thought Raphael or Splinter were dead, smiled a mile wide for Donnie, and cheered for Leonardo so loud I had to calm him down while laughing. Fuck all the people that hate this movie. There’s nothing more wonderful than seeing a little kids eyes light up and their jaw drop for their favorite heroes. He’s seen all the movies with me while I babysat him, has seen the original, 05, and current cartoon, and did it matter to him that they took a different approach to the movie? No! All that mattered was seeing his favorite turtles on the big screen. And that to me was precious.