bay of gibraltar

The Explosion of the Spanish Flagship during the Battle of Gibraltar, Cornelis Claesz. van Wieringen, c1621. Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam.

“On 25 April 1607, thirty Dutch ships took the Spanish fleet by surprise in the Bay of Gibraltar. The Spanish vessels, which posed a threat to Dutch trade, were destroyed. It was the first major Dutch victory at sea.”

Impressive, but not the most subtle of images. ‘Callous’ springs to mind. 

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"Do you have a home?"

Beneath the desert sky, cold bottles from the cooler under the bike seat. Gabriel showing Jesse how to open them with his teeth, as they sat on a rock and waited for the message. Jesse scanned the horizon.
Reckon I can hunt us some dinner?” he laughed. They waited for six hours, had more beers and rations for dinner. The co-ordinates came through, and they rode on, a bubble of life on wheels, surrounded by emptiness.

He felt like he’d been hit by a truck. Every bone in his body hurt, including some he’d never realised he had. He didn’t know if he’d ever felt this bad at SEP, which was saying something.
“Oh, you’re awake? Are you hurt? Would you like some morphine?” Gabe nodded, trying to get his bearings. The voice belonged to Angela, the young doctor. He was… In the medical bay. At Watchpoint Gibraltar. Everything was bright and white. Jesse was there, hat in hand. Genji was lurking behind him, and the box of chocolates by his bed had a note from Morrison. The morphine flooded through him at the same time as the memory of what happened- Not a truck, a fast car. Deliberate- but the moment of realisation, that these people were all worried about him, was stronger than both when he recalled it in future.

He shook himself from his reverie, got up, and fed the dog. The blinds were open, and the light wasn’t too bright. His body ached, pain in every nerve, but he was used to it.

“Home is where you hang your hat, I suppose.”

I Need Healing

The battle raged on, but they were moving the payload quite quickly. Mercy stood atop the moving vehicle healing everyone who ran past her. Thankfully, Zenyatta was there too to help, but he was more on the offense today. They were getting closer and closer when she heard over her earpiece, “I need healing.”

It was Genji. She thought Zenyatta heard it, but apparently not because he was behind the payload fighting off an enemy McCree. Since they were getting close, Mercy thought it best to leave the payload and search for Genji’s signal. He was close by so Mercy was able to find him. However when she found him, he took down two Bastions without a scratch on him. He looked at her, any emotion on his face hidden behind his face plate, but he called and she answered. She pointed her staff at him and started to heal him. He had slight damage, but it wasn’t much. She was slightly miffed about this but she was suppose to be support and she was here to do her job.

The rest of the red team had swarmed the payload, causing it to come to a dead stop. There was a full out fire fight between the two teams that violently raged on. In the midst of this, Genji was nowhere to be seen. This worried Mercy and Zenyatta, but they both heard “I need healing” coming from Genji over their radios. They found his location to be quite a distance from the actual fight. This left them both curious as to why he was so far off. However, everyone was healed up and didn’t need them at the moment so they both ran off to find Genji.

They ran through King’s Row toward Genji’s signal. He instead was running towards them, not a scratch on him. Though Zenyatta was lenient, Mercy was more annoyed than before. Their team was was in the middle of a fire fight and possibly needed her, and here he was
being childish. She was about ready to shout at him, when…

“Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines!” The enemy Junkrat shouted, followed by a loud explosion. With the rip-tire ignition, the rest of the team went down. Instead of arguing with Genji, Mercy turned heel and ran back towards the payload before time ran out. She turned the corner and shouted, “Heroes never die!”

Time was running out and the payload had not moved. Thirty seconds left and the fight continued on.

“I need healing.” Once again from the uninjured Genji. Despite knowing this, Mercy’s natural instinct was to heal him, just enough to lose his signal. Zenyatta was already right behind him, trying to throw healing orbs at him, but he was dodging them and running away.

“Verdammt!” Mercy cursed as she chased after him.

“Justice rains from above!” The enemy Pharah roared as she leaped into the air and rained rockets around the payload. Once again, Mercy, Zenyatta and Genji survived the onslaught, all because Genji called out for healing. By this time, the timer ran out and they lost. Despite that, the three of them lived.

The day was over and everyone decided to rest up. Mercy, however, wasn’t so tired. In fact, she was pretty upset with Genji. It wasn’t that he cost them them match, the battle was lost when they couldn’t move the payload, but the fact that he kept calling her and Zenyatta when he wasn’t even hurt. She needed to let him know of how he was acting. He needed to understand that his antics were putting people in danger. She loved him, but he needed to know that on the battlefield, he wasn’t the only one who needed her attention.

She founded him meditating with Zenyatta on the rocks overlooking the Gibraltar bay. She didn’t want to interrupt them, but she needed to get this out before she burst.

“Ehem.” she coughed at the man and the omnic and both turned to see her. She asked, “Excuse me, Zenyatta. But may I speak with Genji alone please?”

“But of course, Dr. Ziegler.” Zenyatta bowed and departed from the space. With the two alone, Mercy looked up at Genji, the annoyed look on her face he dreaded.

“Genji, we need to talk.” Mercy sternly said, it wasn’t in her nature to raise her voice. “You need to learn that there are other people that need my help. You were at the top of things today, but you constantly called for my assistance when there are other people who need me. Genji, I love you, I really do, but sometimes you can be impossible, and you’re even worst during the matches.”

Genji said nothing as she scolded him. The look on his face, now visible because outside fighting he took it off, was just plain and unresponsive. She took this as one of his childish antics and he wasn’t even paying attention. She was about to continue when he knelt down in front of her and wrapped his arms around her waist. The first time he ever did this was after their first match together after the recall. He watched her get pelted with bullets by an enemy Bastion and she was almost dead when he jumped in the way and deflected the bullets right back at it. She managed to drag herself to a med pack when he wasn’t looking, but after the match he collapsed in front of her and held her waist and cried. He was afraid for her safety.

He pressed his face against her abdomen and told her, “I couldn’t watch you get hurt again. I saw Widowmaker had her rifle pointed at you when you were on the payload and the only way I knew you’d get away is to call for healing. Junkrat was priming his rip tire and I knew you and Master would get in the way. I also know you were ready for a revival. The match was over and I knew they would try to take us out. I had to get you two away from there.”

“You…You were only trying to protect us?” Mercy was astounded that Genji was only doing his antics to protect her and Zenyatta. She knew that he cared about the two more than anyone, even though Hanzo was on the fence of things, but this was a whole new move, even for him. She was left speechless. She looked down at Genji, his eyes closed as he held her. She felt guilty for being upset with him, to the point where she actually was beginning to tear up with not only guilt, but happiness. She let her guilt and annoyance go and smiled down at him. She raised her arms to hold him close.

It’s a constant joke within the Gency community that Genji is always calling for healing. I figured since I haven’t seen a story that Genji calling for healing was only to help Mercy get out of the line of fire, I’d be the one to do it. I do hope there will be others that do so as well, if there hasn’t been. If there is, someone show me and I’ll take that back. Anywho, glad I got that out of my system. Peace out.



With less than a week to go before they arrive back in the UK for Christmas HMS Bulwark’s embarked Royal Marines put on a showstopper by storming a beach in Gibraltar. Exercise Sea Snake saw commandos from Charlie Company 40 Commando and 4 Assault Squadron Royal Marines (ASRM) land on East Beach in Gibraltar for a routine wader exercise. The exercise involved personnel landing ashore from the Fleet Flagship HMS Bulwark and Royal Fleet Auxiliary Lyme Bay, testing their unique skills required for amphibious operations. The Marines went ashore on offshore raiding craft as well as landing craft capable of carrying commandos and heavy vehicles, tanks and supplies.

The Battle of Gibraltar by Cornelis Claesz van Wieringen. Oil on canvas. Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam
The naval Battle of Gibraltar took place on 25 April 1607 during the Eighty Years’ War when a Dutch fleet surprised and engaged a Spanish fleet anchored at the Bay of Gibraltar. During the four hours of action, most of the Spanish ships were destroyed.