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I’m not an expert on horse colourations here so please do excuse my ignorance if I’m incorrect, but wouldn’t Keith’s centaur be dun, not buckskin, considering that he has a dorsal stripe? I was pretty sure the horse ‘Spirit’ from the dreamworks movie was announced to being a dun Kiger Mustang too

Hey no worries, I’m always up for talking coats and you raise a good concern!

If he had any of the other primitive markings evident – leg bars, shoulder stripe, webbing (little bars across body), or sometimes white guard hairs at mane/tail base – then yeah, he’d be a dun for sure. But just the dorsal itself? That’s still well in the buckskin range too X3

Alongside the standard black point restriction of Bay – which limits black hairs to the legs, mane, tail and ‘points’ over the shoulders and hips – some bay horses can have a faint version of the dorsal stripe too. Then when adding the cream dilution gene over top – which doesn’t affect the black hairs, only red – to produce Buckskin, that line down the back can look a lot darker as well.

If I get around to drawing either Pidge or Hunk (who are duns) in a way you could clearly view their dorsal stripe, you’d also see that they’re both sporting thicker lines than what Keith’s got going for him. 

As for Spirit though, personally I’ve always considered him a buckskin because of the lack of those other primitive features (also one which I didn’t mention being a darker face mask) – but I can totally accept those being omitted thanks to the fact that it’s animation and keeping those patterns on model and consistent would be so bloody hard, and thus him still being dun at intention. 

That being said though, I also don’t see why - if that’s the result of the medium limitations - the creators wouldn’t simplify and write him up as buckskin in the end as a mere design decision. Either way, enjoy which coat you like best for Spirit because they’re both hecking stunning

So I was letting the horses out after breakfast, it’s chilly and raining and gross.

I opened Akoya’s door and out she went. Opened Rebels door, and then went to clean Akoya’s stall.

I looked over and see this:

Someone has decided the outdoors isn’t for him today.

So then Akoya comes back in to see what’s going on:

And then leaves again hoping Rebel will follow her.


I cleaned her stall and then kicked him out so I could clean his 😂 my Florida pansy still doesn’t like our cold NY weather five years later.