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Sometimes, pretty cool stuff just sorta comes together.
This is Honey, who apart from being a very cool little mare, is also incredibly well bred… and has one eye. Which, as far as I’m concerned just makes her cooler.

Her owner has been trying to make time for her with a super busy work/life schedule for several years, and finally decided to find her a new home where she’d be getting more attention. Out of about a hundred responses, she picked me. I am still blown away.

Honey’s done just about everything, from having 2 full years of reining training, to roping,trail riding, and giving kids their first rides, and I am beyond excited to have her here. We’ll be going to visit her in a couple weeks, and if all goes well, picking her up around the end of the month.

Capt. Boomerang created his squadmates and Waller MLP FIM OCs. Harley is a Earth pony, Deadshot is a Griffon, Killer Croc is a Bunyip , Flag is a Donkey , El Diablo is a Dragon, Katana is Kirin inspired Unicorn and Waller is also a dragon. His own Ponysona is based on the Coffin Bay with a dun colored coat and white markings on his face and it’s a Unicorn

Horse colour names in Norwegian.

Thought it might be interesting to do this. All of the horses are of norwegian breeds! Probably forgot some. You should do this in your language too! 

Buckskin- Borket. 

Bay pangare- Hunskbrun. 

Bay- Brun.

Silver bay- Sølvbrun. 

Black- Svart. 

Silver black/silver dapple- Sølvsvart. 

Palomino- Gul.

Cremello- Blåøyd hvit.

Dapple grey- Blå. 

Chestnut- Rød. 

Bay dun- Brunblakk. 

Yellow/Palomino dun- Gulblakk. 

Red dun- Rødblakk. 

Gary dun/ Grullo- Gråblakk. 

White dun- Ulsblakk. 

Pinto- Botet.