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«Посмотрите подольше на море, когда оно капризничает или бушует, посмотрите, каким оно бывает прекрасным и жутким, и у вас будут все истории, какие только захотите. О любви и опасностях, обо всем, что жизнь может принести в вашу сеть. А то, что порой не ваша рука управляет штурвалом и вам остается только верить, так это хорошо. »

“Серебристая бухта” - Джоджо Мойес

I will be in the bay from sept 19-23 for beyond wonderland bay. If you are going to the event id really love to meet you, or if you are just from the bay id love to meet you as well😍😍

That’s a stealth ship that the military spent $195 million and over 10 years building and testing before unceremoniously dumping it where it now sits … inside a larger mothballed multi-million-dollar ship, the Hughes Mining Barge. This is the same barge that helped raise the Soviet submarine K-129 from thePacific Ocean floor in the summer of 1974, so it’s not like these ships were unusable or defective in any way. They were simply forgotten.

Although to be fair, the Navy didn’t necessarily want to mothball the Sea Shadow; that was a last resort. They initially tried to give it away for free. But since any takers would also have to take the Hughes Barge, no one took them up on the offer.

Today, the USS Iowa would cost $1.5 billion to build, which, combined with the Sea Shadow’s $200 million, means there’s at least $1.7 billion just floating out there in the bay, waiting for bored bloggers to raft out and walk around on top of it.

6 Images of Abandoned Weaponry You Won’t Believe Are Real

day 188: en route

Okay so maybe any pre-conceived ideas I had about “anchoring out” were inaccurate. But it’s still most certainly not anything like being docked in a marina, which is understandable. The cool part, however, is after we’ve dropped the anchor in the water and are rest assured that the boat isn’t moving anywhere, my boss and I hang up my hammock - which has a nice netted top to it so guess where I slept last night? It’s not every day that you wake up outside and remember how you got there… if ya catch my drift. 

We’re currently off the coast of Deltaville, VA and if you’ve never heard of it, no worries because neither have I. From what I can tell from a map, it appears to be just past where the Maryland and Virginia borders meet. Where we’re anchored seems like a quaint little town of some sorts, very quiet and peaceful. Or maybe everywhere on the water feels that way. Hell, at NAS Patuxent, we were docked at the marina and it was still quiet. Honestly, the only time it was severely noisy was between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm when my boss and I were working with heavy duty power tools. 

The sunrises and sunsets are beautiful out on the water - I could get used to those for sure. This whole sleeping in a hammock thing wasn’t such a bad idea either. I get the nice breeze as well as keeping the bugs away. Some might consider this bougie but lord help them if they only knew me… That’s all for now, stay tuned.

Also, please note - some of my blogs may be posted back-to-back as well as not on the same day that I wrote them due to lack of good cell coverage / internet access.