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Fairgrove Eichler Homes 1960 |  Cupertino, CA

Eichler homes are from a branch of Modernist architecture that have come to be known as “California Modern,” and typically feature glass walls, post-and-beam construction, and open floorplans in a style indebted to Frank Lloyd Wright and Mies van der Rohe. Eichler Homes exteriors featured flat and/or low-sloping A-Framed roofs, vertical 2-inch pattern wood siding, and spartan facades with clean geometric lines. One of Eichler’s signature concepts was to “Bring the Outside In,” achieved via skylights and floor-to-ceiling glass windows with glass transoms looking out on protected and private outdoor rooms, patios, atriums, gardens, and swimming pools. Also of note is that most Eichler homes feature few, if any, front-facing (that is, street-facing) windows, with those that do exist being either small ceiling level windows or small rectangular windows with frosted glass which is contrary to most other architectural designs which have almost all front rooms featuring large windows.



For 17 years, builder Henry Doelger constructed Daly City’s Westlake district, a community which encompassed 6,500 houses, 3,000 apartments, schools, churches, offices, medical facilities, restaurants, and shopping centers, including one of the earliest malls in America.

The Westlake District put Daly City on the map as one of America’s most inviting suburbs, and one national magazine even named Westlake one of the 10 best suburbs in America. Although he spent half a century in the building business, Henry Doelger considered Westlake his greatest accomplishment, and he and his family resided within the community for many years.

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