bay area is the best tho

ikon as high schoolers
  • jinhwan: the golden boy - soloist in choir, peer mentor, some student body officer. also that dude in the talent show who danced to a ton of sex songs with his shirt off and a fedora over his face so no one knew who he was.
  • yunhyeong: the one that everyone loves but also suspects of painting a giant dick on the bleachers. is always the most fun at school dances (and occasionally gets thrown out for too much inappropriate dancing.)
  • bobby: the kid that plays basketball all the fucking time and goes way too hard during p.e. class. is always the one shouting shit during school events. the school has given up on dress coding him for sagging his pants.
  • b.i: the wannabe hypebeast who tries way too hard to get with girls. he posts a few song and dance covers on youtube but only hits it big in his senior year, after which he gets major head inflation.
  • donghyuk: the really cute nerd who you really want to tutor you so you intentionally get Ds on a few tests in the hope of getting a real one. goes against his mom's wishes and joins the dance club when he says he's going to mathletes.
  • junhoe: the one who always acts like he's better than everyone else because he actually is. a lot of girls like him for no reason other than that he's hot, and he always uses this to piss hanbin off.
  • chanwoo: the lost freshman. he's got his map of the school out for days and never looks like he's paying attention in class. (even when he's a senior you know he's gonna be lost af)
  • +
  • hongseok: the typical slightly nerdy quiet kid at first glance, wears collared shirts/cardigans for absolutely no reason. first chair in orchestra but abuses his talents and creates sheet music for a full orchestral version of anaconda.
  • jinhyeong: the one who no one knows isn't actually a senior until his friends start talking about college acceptances and prom and he doesn't contribute to the conversation at all. dates a lot of senior girls until they find out the truth, then they all collectively name him the best lil bro ever.