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Yelp Elite @Teasociety Milpitas

Teasociety opened not too long ago in Milpitas and hosted a group of Yelp Elites for a fun Sunday afternoon of drinks and games. One of the Yelpterns is a boba fanatic and was the one who organized the event.

They asked Yelp Elites to pitch in with a $5 donation to offset costs for Teasociety, so in reality the drink we got as part of the event wasn’t actually free if you donated. It wasn’t much from the wallet and it’s nice to support a small local business. This is their second location in South Bay, with their first being in San Jose. They explained during the event that they really try to curate a menu of quality teas as well as snacks. One of the co-owners is vegetarian, so he says he’s only going to put vegetarian items on the menu haha. We had a chance to taste some of those items, which they brought out in waves and put out on our tables – onion rings, fries, sweet potato fries, an omelette dish, and egg baguette (sandwich). 

We started with check-in and got a human BINGO card. This proved to be a really good idea since the line to order drinks was quite long. I met the folks that I ended up sitting with later while waiting in line and trying to fill out the BINGO card. They collected cards that were completely filled out (each person could sign for 2 boxes that included things like “has run a marathon, drinks Starbucks every day, knows karate” etc.) and later did a random drawing of winners for prizes, a selfie stick and two free drinks.

After everyone finished human BINGO, we all took a seat and played a game involving blind tastings of their teas. This proved to be quite hard. My team had been eliminated after the fist question (involving the tea list on the menu) and we failed to re-gain entry into the game with the first round of tastings. It was all good fun. It reminded me wine tasting from the documentary, Somm, but with fewer crazy adjectives to describe the taste haha. More like, “hmmm, this tastes roasted, hint of caramel, ooo this is refreshing and light, definitely a green tea…”

We also got a sample of their mangonada!

Before the end of the event, they announced winners of the Instagram contest, where photos uploaded and @ mentioned Yelp South Bay + Teasociety as well as #’d with a particular phrase were judged by the owner herself. I was surprised to win one of the prizes – a bluetooth speaker, free drink, and a macaron ice cream from Mavens Creamery! Now that’s my kind of prize!