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Oakland - SATURDAY - June 28th - Sleazoid Comedy Presents:

An evening of stand-up comedy and b-movies

Featuring: Poultrygeist: Night of the Living Chicken

Hosted by: Luigi Diaz

With Comedians:

Adam Pearlstein

Trevor Joyner

Molly Sanchez

Dro Knows

Luna Michelle

and Mauricio Mrz

Moco Art Gallery - 371 17th St. Oakland, CA (two blocks from the 19th st BART Station. Across from Temple Tattoo)

All ages - Free

Video from last months’ Sleazoid Comedy showcase at Moco Art Gallery:

“Colorful Comedy” was created to celebrate diversity with humor.

The Series, first started in Southern California, now expands to The Bay Area.
For the first time, The Sound Room in Oakland, known for it’s musical performances–is extending it’s stage to Comedy!

The Northern CA Premier Showcase features a diverse line-up of National and Bay Area Favorite Comedians is Saturday June 20 at 8 pm,

The All-Headliner Premier Show features:

  • Jeff Applebaum, seen on “The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson”
  • Kelly Anneken, heard on Pandora Comedy Radio
  • Zorba Jevon Hughes, Winner of “Bunjo’s Comedy Contest 2015”
  • Steve Lee, Burbank Comedy Festival & Comics with Disabilities
  • Samson Koletkar, “Mahatma Moses”
  • Hosted by: Yvette Fernandez, The Comedy Store, The Ice House
  • Live Music by “The Quick Witts”
Press Release: 7/16/2014 -- Super Trashed Bros: Crowdsourced Videogame Drinking Game.

Who: Jesse McGrath and OJ Patterson.
When: July 16th 2014; 7pm
Where: Stork Club, 2330 Telegraph Ave. Oakland, CA. 94612 (
Cost: Free
Age: 21+

One part nerd, one part slurred, Super Trashed Bros brings together comedy, video games and alcohol at the Stork Club in Oakland. Join comedians Jesse McGrath (SF Sketchfest), OJ Patterson (Sylvan Productions), sidekick Stephen Ku (San Jose Improv) and a panel of merrymakers as they virtually battle amongst themselves while physically battling inebriation. Audience participation is essential as a live crowd and online viewers—from the streaming platform Twitch—suggest new rules and new gags. Basically, it’s a house party with cheap drinks and funnier friends. Power-up, throw down and push buttons (in more ways than one)!


Jesse McGrath is a world class writer, comedian and educator that has various claims of fame. He has performed at the San Francisco punchline, in San Francisco Sketchfest, and is co-host to the popular podcast Roof Pizza Chronicles. He’s also dynamite in the sack. 

OJ Patterson is a weird guy, who writes jokes for weird people. A self-described “blerd” — black nerd — he’s characterized by goofy inquiries and puns. He’s proudest of producing Storking Comedy, Blackstronauts (his podcast with David Gborie), writing (Courting Comedy, SFWeekly’s 2012 Top Comedy Blog), and his contributions to Sylvan Productions (SFWeekly’s 2013 Best Comedy Troupe).

Critics’ Choice: Best of SFComedy in 2015 (So Far): Stand-Up.

*NOTE: This article contains foul language and pretentiousness. Proceed with caution.


Quick Links:
Stroy Moyd | Jessica Sele | Lydia Popovich | Kate Willett | Matt Lieb

I didn’t anticipate how this would take, of my time, of my mind, of me. That’s why completing it is so rewarding. It’s 4:30am on 8/19. I began this 11:33am on 6/29. Untold hours of staring at a screen in a perfectionist dread, desperate to be more articulate than “Stroy’s cool”, “Lydia’s a boss”, “Kate’s driven”, “Jessica’s empathic”, “Matt’s heady”, etc.; days of writer’s block playing Spelunky (I’ve almost gotten to the Hell level!); distant and distracted at work, earning the name Slow-J by my co-worker “Big Ryan” (you better be reading this, I shouted you out for a reason); a complete collapse of regular coverage; missed nights out, a permanent indent in my couch, vitamin D deficiency, mindlessness.

I’d like to take a little space up top to thank everyone who help me in this endeavor: hellnawhellnaw​ for the space, patience, and going to bed alone too often than either of us would like. redscott​ for the pictures. Ben Walker for the beautiful illustrations in such a quick turn around; you motivated me to finish this as soon as I could to share your work. Rachel Swan, Nia King and Dana Sitar for showing the path. The San Francisco comedy community at large, you pissy, petty, brilliant fucks—hope you appreciate this shit! Share it! I spent all day on those AddThis share buttons! All my interviewees making time for me (and keeping me accountable). Everybody I mention in this piece. Everyone I forgot. 

Check back here tomorrow for our reader’s choice awards.

I need to stop looking at computer screens for a while. 

If you enjoy my work, please help me recoup some of my costs producing this piece at my Patreon account or with a one-time donation

Thank you, good night (or, good morning, or good whenever).

Words by. OJ Patterson.
Illustrations by Ben Walker.
Reference Photographary by Red Scott & Juey Starberry.

Sometimes, San Francisco feels forgotten. Not unheard of, nor disgraced, but, just, slip of the mind. Sorry! I feel like a lot of the press are silently apologizing: Sorry! Sorry that despite over fifty years of irrefutable influence and historical relevance, there’s no onus to cover grassroots movements and unsung locals. Sorry that despite a boom in nightlife activities and technology, comedy isn’t a worthy option outside of event listings. Sorry, our readers aren’t into this. Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!

The Splitsider snub hurt the most. Despite birthing 3-of-10 of their LA New Wave list, San Francisco was glaringly absent from their “The Next Wave 2015: The Top Up-and-Coming Comics Outside of NY and LA”. Then, East Bay Express, while having four different variations of “Best Park”, had nothing in its official 100+ categories for comedy; you had to write it in. W. Kamau Bell won its only comedy superlative: best comedian. SF Weekly, which previously posted cover stories, had nothing in its “Best of 2015″ for current affairs. The Bold Italic shuttered. The Chronicle eulogized. Broke Ass Stuart is trying. Everyone else is recovering, or retooling, or succumbing to the struggle. Sorry!

I didn’t want to apologize anymore.  

Inspired by the Willimette Weekly’s Funniest 5, I reached out to local producers, bookers, and former “Best of” winners asking for who they thought was having a great 2015. This article was compiled with input and guidance from: 

Natasha Muse (The Business, SFWeekly Comics to Watch in 2013)
George Chen (Cynic Cave)
Matt Gubser (San Francisco Bay Area Comedy Network)
Tony Sparks (Brainwash)
Kiko Briez (Local Folks)
Pam Benjamin (Mutiny Radio)
Kaseem Bentley (SFWeekly’s Best Racial Humor You Don’t Feel Guilty Laughing At)
Kelly Anneken (Pandora)
Andrew Holmgren (SFWeekly’s Reader’s Poll 2014, Sylvan Productions)
Mary Van Note (Comedy Stylings)
and more.

With 30 individual nominations, this is by no means a definitive declaration that there are only five comedians worthy of notoriety. We anticipate disagreement and encourage feedback. I want to expand the process next year, see more shows, incorporate more voices, and, hopefully, get better at this. 

San Francisco Bay Area comedy is significant, not as much as Black Lives, which has led me to scouring Chris Riggins’ Facebook wall to avoid writing on some semi-self righteous tip, or, as much as campaigning against predators in the scene, which I’ve woefully neglected, but it’s important. It’s important to me and important to the community. Critical recognition and media representation legitimizes effort, honors sacrifices, and encourages greatness. 

I’m tired, but I’m not sorry. Enjoy!

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Thug Notes: Lord of the Flies

Greg “Sparky Sweets PhD” Edwards will be joining the Vice Principals TOMORROW (Saturday, Dec. 28th) at 7pm at 50 Mason Social House.


Recently added to our March 3rd (that’s in two days!) showcase ARTcade at the Hotel Shattuck Plaza in downtown Berkeley is The Variety Society! Check them out!

Comedy, Improv, and a lot more!

America deserves 21st century comedy, and our busy staff is sticking it to the man so you don’t have to.

Join our host DAN SULLIVAN, our news team with MARCUS SAMS, our comedy troupe partners, PianoFight & the rest of The Variety Society gang and plenty of special guests for sketches, satire, musical acts, news parody and a radical reconstruction of late night comedy as you know it.

You can check out more of The Variety Society at their website here and also March 3rd at the Hotel Shattuck Plaza in Berkeley, CA. Get your $10 pre-sale tickets here!

IT’S ALMOST THAT TIME AGAIN! On Friday July 25th, the Vice Principals return to Lost Weekend Video for a night of mayhem and enchantment, featuring:

  • Kelly Anneken (Boston Women in Comedy Festival, SF Sketchfest)
  • Josh Argyle (writer for Savage Henry Independent Times)
  • Jessica Sele (Mission Position)

and your headliner, David Gborie (SF Sketchfest, Crom Comedy Festival, High Plains Comedy Festival, nationally-ranked party boy)

and of course, those rascally VPs: Walker Glenn, Hayden Greif-Neill, Erik Krasner, and Allison Mick!

Lost Weekend Video (1034 Valencia)

8pm (doors open at 7:30)