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Second Chances

Pairing: Reader x Bucky
Word Count: 2.7K
Warnings: Angst, PTSD, fluff

A/N: This is for @bionic-buckyb​‘s 5k followers AU writing challenge! I chose prompt #19: “Breaking up was the right thing to do… right?” Please go show your support for the other writers that have written a piece for this challenge!

I had to include Steggy as a pairing because my heart yearns for them

Your hands shake a little as you sit, staring at the cozy wooden house in the distance. The sound of the car engine softly rumbling as it sat idle was the only thing keeping the silence at bay. You’d been sitting in the car, mentally yelling at yourself to move for the last 15 minutes. You were definitely regretting accepting Natasha and Clint’s invitation to a 4th of July birthday party weekend for a man you hardly knew.

You start weighing up the pros and cons of leaving;

Pro: You wouldn’t have to withstand a weekend with a bunch of people you hardly knew and your ex boyfriend.

Con: Nat would never let you live this down. She had been so excited when you agreed to come.

Pro: You wouldn’t have to face your ex and pretend that you weren’t still in love with him.

Con: Everyone already knew that you were supposed to be arriving. It would be painfully obvious to everyone, especially Bucky, that you had chickened out.

You let out a frustrated sigh as you finally shut off your car engine. You had to do this. You hadn’t seen Nat in months, and she would be devastated if you bailed because you had to put on a brave face around Bucky. You could put your feelings aside for one weekend for the sake of your best friend.

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The Bay Parkway Station on the D Line.


anonymous asked:

Just wondering what the main 4 and mettaton do when they get jealous. Like when someone is hitting on there S/O.


Doesn’t bother him. He just watches the person talk with you until they leave, then asks you what happened. It’s your reaction that he’s waiting on, & he’d never really interfere with the situation unless the person got too handsy or forceful & you were obviously trying to keep them at bay. Then he’d just step in & talk the situation down, making his place as your boyfriend known without actually ever threatening the person.


He can’t even tell. To Papyrus, it’s perfectly acceptable for a stranger to give you their number–because obviously that means that they want to be friends with you, & are therefore giving you a way to contact them so that you can initiate said friendship at a later date!! He essentially intercepts this would-be beau at every turn without even realizing it, just from sheer miscommunication of the situation.


Her immediate reaction is to scream “HEY” but then she realizes that she looks ridiculous just screaming out of nowhere so she tries to cover it up by pushing herself into the conversation. She kind of overdoes it a little, constantly referring to you with pet names, complimenting you over & over, even going into details about your more “intimate” moments together to freak the other person out. She’s your girlfriend, buddy, get it through your thick skull & bug-off!!!


She gets really nervous, trying to work her way into the conversation as well. But it’s a lot more awkward, because she keeps trying to redirect things into a private conversation between the two of you, while cutting the other person out cold. She also lays on the pet names & might even try to kiss you to get her point made.


He’s the kind of guy who lives for drama, & darling, this new rival just made things interesting. Whether you’re actually falling for the other person’s moves or not, Mettaton starts laying it on thick, acting like there’s some big showdown going on between the two of them. It’s equal parts hilarious & embarrassing.

some random ass finnpoe headcanons

finn hardly ever gets sick but when he does he becomes completely pathetic. poe gets sick much more frequently (mostly from picking up things during missions on far-flung planets) but refuses to stay in bed and will keep working until he inevitably passes out from exhaustion and has to spend several days in the med bay (finn: you’d get better much faster if you took care of yourself. poe: *hooked up to 3 IVs, high off his ass* i’m fine). 

they just sort of. share their entire wardrobe. like, neither of them actually has any clothing that is exclusively theirs anymore.

both are ridiculously physically affectionate. cuddle constantly. PDA out the roof. never standing more than three inches away from each other. no one can decide if it’s obnoxious or adorable.

finn has a finely tuned internal clock – he gets up at the same (early) time every morning, always gets around the same amount of sleep. poe sleeps for like ten hours or not at all. both think the other’s sleep schedule is madness.

they’re both terrible liars, but they’ve quickly become one of the best undercover teams in the resistance.

finn is torn between constant anxiety over poe’s reckless ways and finding it extremely hot.

anonymous asked:

My boyfriend and I started dating almost 5 months ago during college and now its summer and I really really miss him. I still talk to him a lot through snapchat and skype but I miss his cuddles and just being around him. We live in different states so its hard to see each other in person until school starts again. Do you have any tips to keep the loneliness at bay?

I’d say just try to be positive and enjoy everything else going on in your life. Also remind yourself that it’s not forever and you will be together again. Also just keeping each other updated on what you’re up to and stuff tends to help too ☺️
Best wishes hun 💖