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Phone box and daises by Victoria J Baxter

Portrait Study (Rose). Charles Baxter (British, 1809-1879). Oil on canvas. Gallery Oldham.

Baxter was best known as a painter of fancy portraits and charming, pretty girls, He exhibited regularly at the Suffolk Street Gallery and the Royal Academy, between 1839 and 1872. His subjects went from rustic to very poetic.

Young girl reading a card in a storeroom. Charles Baxter (British, 1809-1879). Oil on canvas.

London painter of portraits and charming pretty girls. Exhibited at the RA 1834-72, and at Suffolk Street. Subjects also included poetic and rustic subjects. Started his career as a bookbinder and miniature painter. Elected member of the Society of British Artists in 1842.

The Princess Royal–Princess of Prussia

George Baxter, British, 1804 - 1867


Made in London, England, Europe




Baxter process color print (aquatint combined with wood blocks or metal relief plates, printed in color with oil-based inks)

Philadelphia Museum of Art