baxter the fly

TMNT Legends

I love playing TMNT Legends, it’s awesome. I’ve now reached level 80.

Character levels

Level 50 - April, Kirby Bat, Dogpound, Spider Bytez and Baxter

Level 49 - Raph VQ, Leo VQ, Mikey VQ, Donnie VQ and Donnie Larp

Level 48 - Bradford, Metalhead, Rahzar, Baxter Fly and Casey

Level 47 - Serpent Karai, Rat King, Xever, Justin and Leo

Level 46 - Raph, Donnie, Karai, Pulverizer and Newtralizer

Level 45 - Bebop, Zeck, Shredder, Ice Cream Kitty, Hun, Pizza Face, Mikey, Muckman, Donnie movie, Fishface, Raph Larp, Steranko, Mutagen Man, Snakeweed and Mondo Gecko

Level 35 - Splinter, Casey Jones movie, Mikey movie, Rocksteady movie, Bebop movie

Level 30 - Leo Movie, The Creep, Raph movie, Leo Larp, Donnie 80s, Mikey Larp, Donnie Mirage, Raph Mirage, Leo 80s and Mikey Mirage

Level 3 - Raph 80s

Still need - Rocksteady, Leo Mirage, Tiger Claw and Mikey 80s

My very last shot at a great piece by Andre ponce, colored by me. Also would any one be interested by a short tmnt comic by me? If there’s enough interest I’ll start it back up.