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I went kdfhgkjdf when he tweeted about being glad to be in Beijing again and always loving Beijing. I was like IS IT BECAUSE OF THE HOTPOT MEMORIES? TAT

I had the exact same reaction. ╥﹏╥

It makes me sad how so many people think that SiHan/WonGeng is some random pairing that fangirls came up with out of nowhere just because of the SJM promotions, or because they’re the tall good looking ones, when really, they have a looooooong history together ever since pre-debut. They just never talked about it all that much.

The earliest proof I have is from 2006, but I’m fairly convinced that the whole “sworn brothers” thing was from before they debuted, back when Geng was taking care of Siwon in Beijing in 2004. Siwon was what, 17/18 at the time? He was pretty much a sheltered little boy studying in a foreign country where he couldn’t speak or read the language and Geng was the one who took care of him. I know how harsh it is to live in a foreign country and at that age, those memories are just really significant and would stick with you forever.


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You for your posts of them :D I always see Kyuwon/Hanchul from everyone on my dash but you’re my only source of shihan reminiscing now ;;

Why does that make me so happy and so sad at the same time? ;;

There needs to be more SiHan/WonGeng love on tumblr because they’re more than just former bandmates, more than just a pairing–they’re sworn brothers. Siwon may still have 11 remaining members with him in SJ and SJM, but he’s only ever had one “ba xiong di”……….and that ba xiong di is no longer by his side. ╥﹏╥