baww baby

winterberrii  asked:

heh, im curious. again sorry lol,,, but which fandom is your favorite? undertale or the lion king? i know that your tumblr specifically has undertale but whatever

as bad as the Undertale fandom can get it’s still better than the lion king fandom, the lion king fandom is made up of a lot of baww babies and art thieves 

timelybees  asked:

How do you say 'Pyts'? Like 'pihts' or 'peights' or something else? Does it mean something?

Yea uh sorta like pits. Like armpits pff
Her name plays with the word ‘pytteliten’ which means uhh ittybitty? Because she was so small when she was a baby baww
(also they called her 'Liten’ = Tiny, before we named her Pyts so it just fit well)