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1972 BMW R75/5 Toaster SWB - (An Old Pony)

May 7th, 2012 - Just added this short wheel base R75/5 to the stable. We were able to negotiate a pretty good deal earlier this morning out in Pomona, CA. The bike clocks in at about 55,000 miles (original) and has not been ridden or registered since 1981. The one owner bike was a tourer and comes with a Wixom / BMW fairing and rear luggage. Engine turned over smoothly, loosing compression on the right cylinder. Toaster tank is superb with factory red-lining inside the tank and the headlight bucket / speedo has been protected all these years by the fairing. Restoration will begin this fall and hopefully we’ll be able to find an owner by the beginning of 2013.


I’m on a roll… The bench seat just came in from Germany. I opted out of the Guilari style hump seat because it didn’t look right on a /5. If anybody is interested I have two /5 SWB Guilari style hump seats for sale. I should be done with this toaster in a few weeks. Will need to sell one of the bikes to make room for the 1976 R90S x Ritmo Sereno project. 


Mike Burrough’s BMW E9 2800CS - (Stance/Works)

I need a beemer like this in my life…

multee(project) type-1 carabiner

 stancedesign said: Love it! I just came across the multee project page a day or two ago. How do you like yours?

Hey Andrew, I was given a sample version early on to test. The only detail Brian had to change for final production was strengthening the key loops. The carabiner is very durable and of course the design is great too and goes great with denim.

1983 BMW R100CS Cafe Racer - (Stainless Steel Hardware)

March 28th, 2012 - I’m going with all stainless steel instead of cad-plated hardware for this project, just like on my R75/5. I was missing too many of the original cad-plated pieces and I really dislike mix-matching hardware, its the OCD in me. Some people are not as fussy, but I like to make sure everything balances out, even in places on the bike that you don’t see. It’s very time consuming to document and gather all the correct nuts, bolts, washers at the store, but it’s half the price of purchasing a BMW aftermarket stainless bolt kit from a supplier.


1983 BMW R100CS Cafe Racer - (Swingarm Tapered Roller Bearing)

March 28th, 2012 - For the 1981 and up dual shock R-Models, BMW switched to a one piece tapered roller bearing; part number 33 17 1 241 546. I do not know why BMW switched it over, however cost was not the factor because these bearings are priced twice as much as the pre-1981 type. Installation is basically the same as the pre-1981 types.

Bavarian Café... Now An Authorized Dealer of BMW Parts & Tarrozzi Clipons, Rearsets...

Friends, I have recently established a dealer account with a BMW OEM/Aftermarket parts manufacturer out of Germany and Tarrozi, Franco & Pablo (Clip-ons, Rearsets, Fork braces etc) out of Italy. The web-store will be a slow transition onto the site here. Not many items will be on hand in the beginning, but will be on a special-order basis.

Like many of you, when I first started rebuilding my vintage BMW into a café (or your vintage motorcycle) I would constantly search the net for BMW café racer related sites for reference and always had a difficult time finding information and building rapport with the builders. Hopefully this site can change that. My goal is to carry quality built parts and to inform & service those with patience in their vintage BMW builds.