Der Schrecksee in the Allgäu is Germany’s highest alpine lake at 1813 m. From the saddle, you can cross into Austria. Lake Schrecksee lies squeezed in the Bavarian Alps. Especially during summer, this location is popular for a swim in the cool alpine lake. To get there, drive towards Hinterstein and follow the main street to the large car park at the end. Leave your car (paying the fee) and follow the signs for “Hinterbachhof”. Follow the restricted road for an easy 20 mins until you reach a power house on your left. The trailhead is after crossing the bridge on your left at coordinates 47.454759, 10.438807. It’s signposted but a little hidden, and you have to climb over a fence. From there it’s a contentious uphill hike. The area is used for cattle in the summer months. Note: Officially it’s not allowed to camp up there; German law only allows to bivy, so it’s really important to leave no trace and never leave your gear unpacked during the day. Photo by Philipp Heigel.