Das Markgrafliche Opernhaus in Bayreuth, Bavaria, a Baroque opera house, built in the 1700’s - one of Europe’s few surviving theaters of the period. Princess Wilhelmine of Prussia (the older sister of Frederick the Great), wife of Frederick, Margrave of Brandenburg-Bayreuth, participated here as writer, player, composer, actor, and director. The stage’s great depth (27 meters) attracted Richard Wagner, who later had his Bayreuth Festspielhaus built just north of here. 


A look into what life was like at the SS-Junkerschule Bad Tölz where the officers of the Waffen-SS were trained amid the majestic natural splendor of the Bavarian Alps. In the Waffen-SS the rule of a superior leading by example was binding and the officers were expected to lead from the front. Naturally this meant demanding and giving a higher degree of eagerness and willingness to see action and awareness of duty from every officer than from the men in the ranks. But there was no place in the Waffen-SS for self-destructive fanaticism or a willingness to die without regard for losses. This did not alter the fact, however, that every division of the Waffen-SS maintained its fighting integrity and never gave up no matter how hopeless the situation.