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I agree that not all muslims are conservative. I live in a country (Kazakhstan) where most of its people are muslims and it's ok for them to drink, to have premarital sex, women don't have to cover themselves.

Well I am not so much talking about the drinking and premarital sex stuff.

I am more talking about the fact that when they represent us using conservative muslims that say

“I am not allowed to go outside”

“I am not allowed to talk to boys”

“We never had ‘the’ talk”

etc, etc. 

Not all muslims are like that. When you go to Morocco not every woman is fully covered. Women walk around there the way they want. Talking about sexual stuff is normal in family. Making sexual jokes is a common thing. Girls go out, girls have boyfriend, girls have guy best friends. I find it annoying that every time I speak up about it they shut me up by saying that “I was raised western like. Like no my mum didn’t grow up in the west, she only immigrated to Europe in the 80′s. She showed me pictures of her in a skirt with her hair loose. Told me stories about shit she did with her guy friends and such and I just??? Why are ppl stereotyping muslims?

Six facts about me!

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1. I’m the trashiest Baekhyun trash (what? no one said that the fact should be unknown, right? hehe)

2. Have bad eyesight (contact lenses for lyf!!)

3. Hate vegetables, but love fruits. Frozen strawberries = LOVE!!

4. My very first bias was Yoochun. He was my ultimate for a very long time (until unfortunate thing named BBH happened lol)

5. I got piggybacked by Taehun and Joonyoung (Yoochun look-alike ♥) from Ze:A kkkk

6. Afraid of high open spaces and deep water (and fast water if that’s even a word lol), but still jumped from a rock (about 3 stories high) into a mountain river. *didn’t help in getting over the fear OTL*

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