The ladies of Oz~  From left to right: Glinda the Witch of the South, Queen Ozma, Dorothy Gale, Locasta the Witch of the North, Bastinda the Witch of the West, and Gingema the Witch of the East

It’s pretty sad that a lot of illustrators do fantasy characters having only white skin. There are so many possibilities!!! 


these pills are fucking heavy and definitely not for any beginners hahah. not a good idea for a beginner/average tolerance to down a whole domino, you’d be in for one hell of a SITTING SESSION VIA THE FLOOR FOR A GOOD FEW HRS UNABLE TO STAND BECAUSE OF THE HIGHNESS BITCH.

if ya ain’t runnin’ with it run from it mothafucka, thizzordie~

the ultimate collection of european presses. the iron cross presses at the bottom have been proven to contain MDEA several years back, so thats something I immediately noticed. theres even some presses here that I myself dont recognize which is insane. theres even an orange bomb (250-260mgs MDMA) and a white silkroad (290-310mg MDMA), etc… damn I could go for days. literally just pointed out every single on of them and dropped dosage stats on em ALL of the top of my dome. wowza. wonder what I could have accomplished instead when archiving all that information into my mind hahaha.

Name: Green Heineken (cutout)
Location: Europe
Contentslabtested to contain 200-230mg of MDMA
Report: [x] | [x

this is one of the newer european presses currently in circulation, they are deemed safe to consume and well worth the money. happy hunting, tumblr!