Oskar Schlemmer (and possibly a few others, by mistake) being among one of the more popular and famous artists of the times (being the 1920s) who proliferated and excelled at (some might even suggest that he himself created it!) what came to be known as art of the `Bauhaus’ school.  Outrageous costuming, occasionally incorporating light itself worn on models presenting them, avant-garde sculpture and colorful alternative ballets of a decidedly `bent’ and unorthodox fashion made up the bulk of his very well-publicized projects.

Costume for the Neue Sachlichkeit Party, 1926

“The Bauhaus was held together as much by  social gatherings and festivities as by Gropius’s vision for a new art school. These celebrations promoted contact between school and public, giving free rein to masters and students to demonstrate creativity and design invention, conceiving invitations, posters, costumes and decorations.