Ariana’s Figure Skating Masterpost

Okay, so as a figure skater, I love Yuri on Ice… But as a figure skater I am begging you to PLEASE do research on figure skating before you write YOI fanfics because if I see the word ‘twirl’ one more time I am going to shit a brick.

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I keep watching Yuuri FS again and again after knowing his outfit’s show-through material...

And I can’t stop looking at Yuuri’s WAIST and Yuuri’s HIP LINE*aww what a dirty mind of mine >///<*

By the way, the ‘Ina Bauer*’ give me doki doki everytime… Yuuri did ‘spead eagle*’ beautifully, too. Here is his Ina Bauer

From episode 5

From episode 7

*Ina Bauer (from Wikipedia): a move in figure skating, named for Ina Bauer, a figure skater, who invented it. An Ina Bauer is a “moves in the field” element in figure skating in which a skater skates on two parallel blades. One foot is on a forward edge and the other leg is on a backwards and different parallel edge. The forward leg is bent slightly and the trailing leg is straight. If the leading leg is on the inside edge, the move is known as an inside ina bauer. If the skater is on the outside edge, it is known as an outside ina bauer. Many skaters bend backwards while performing this move, although this is not required. The most flexible skaters can bend over almost completely backward. When performed this way, the move is called a layback Ina Bauer, after the layback position.

*Spread eagle (from Wikipedia): a move in which a skater glides on both feet, the toes turned out to the sides, heels facing each other. It can be performed on either the inside or outside edges. It is commonly used as an entrance to jumps, adding to the difficulty level of that jump under the Code of Points.

Figure Skating Edge Elements

If you are looking for my original compilation post, “Ariana’s Figure Skating Masterpost,” you can find it here

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Once i came across with someone who claimed that she is a long time figure skating fans, when i said that i love Yuzuru’s and Shizuka’s layback ina bauer the most, she confronted me with this : “but Shizuka’s ina bauer is scary”.


I’m glad that there seems to be quite a lot of you guys liking the Biellmann Spin gif :). Here’s two more highlights from his free program choreography part. (I feel like it’s impossible to choose just one favorite/highlight since I love pretty much everything on it haha I’d probably do some more gif when I got the time to)

p.s. Btw, the white frame thingy is intentional/I chose that option. I wish I can use Photoshop but it just can’t work on my Mac and I can’t figure it out why.


October Skating Challenge Day 28: Favorite move
↳ (Takahiko Kozuka’s) Spreadeagles

Hold My Hand - Tyler Seguin

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Tyler Seguin imagine where you have never been ice skating and you’re scared and he tries to help you on your date :)  - Requested by Anonymous

Word Count = 783

 The rink look too big from where you sat. The skates looked too sharp. The ice looked too… Well, slippy. Everything about it worried you. What if you fell in front of him? What if you make a total idiot of yourself? You worried like crazy. 

“I’m not sure about this, Ty.” You whispered with a grimace. Your face hid behind your hands as you gave a large sigh.

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