bauer stick

Jack really likes spoiling his friends. After all, what’s the point in being a rich and (semi) famous NHL player if you can’t spend a little on the people who have been there for you for so long? Here’s an (incomplete) list of the things Jack Zimmerman has over time given to the members of the Samwell men’s hockey team.
  • The Team: Jack makes a sizable donation every year to the athletics department with the sole purpose of helping fund the team’s new gear for the season. Because of his donation, each guy ends up with three new Bauer sticks of their choice.
  • Bitty: In actuality, he’s bought Bitty a LOT more than what the team knows about (namely outfitting the kitchen in his Providence apartment with the most high-end appliances and cookware). But what the team knows about— Beyonce tickets, a new video camera, and many tickets to games.
  • Shitty: Jack buys Shitty a new suit for law school. It’s tailor-made, high quality, and stunning. It’s one of the nicest suits Harvard has ever seen on one of their incoming students.
  • Lardo: So many art supplies. Her art friends joke that she’s secretly got a sugar daddy because she gets new supplies so often and everything is high-end. She actually gets mad at him at one point because he keeps spending so much money on brushes and paints. But she quickly realizes the best thing to do is answer him honestly when he asks what brand she likes because Jack is going to buy her supplies whether she likes it or not, so she might as well make sure he’s at least buying the right stuff.
  • Ransom: Unlimited pairs of salmon shorts (Jack secretly likes them and not-so-secretly likes fueling the Salmon Shorts Debacle between him and Holster), Toronto Blue Jays tickets (they go together during the summer and get to hang out on the field before the game), and a game-worn, autographed Zdeno Chara jersey.
  • Holster: A football autographed by Michael Strahan (Jack meets him when he's in New York and gets him to sign it specifically to Holster), a pair of limited edition Sperrys, and Ariana Grande tickets.
  • Chowder: Tickets to every game when the Sharks are in town, a signed Sharks jersey, a video of Logan Couture wishing Chowder a happy birthday, one of Martin Jones’s old sticks, and Jack even gets half the Sharks roster to follow Chowder on both Twitter and Instagram. (Technically Jack doesn’t actually pay for any of these things other than the tickets, but it’s the thought that counts.) Besides Bitty, Chowder is the most spoiled person (Though some of it ends up not being Jack's fault. The Sharks just love Chowder so much after Jack introduces them that they always give him stuff.)
  • Nursey: Jack finds it’s really hard to buy things for Nursey, since he can pretty much afford whatever he wants already. He sticks to mostly getting him tickets to Falconers games and introducing him to the other team’s players after.
  • Dex: Jack buys him all new gear since Dex’s is so old and starting to fall apart. Dex cries and thanks Jack, but also asks him not to do it again. Jack sticks to getting him tickets along with Nursey’s to the Falconers games, and introduces him to the other team’s players after. He also buys a new set of nice tools “for the Haus” (so he isn’t specifically getting them for Dex).

Teuvo Teravainen used STX Surgeon Rx2 sticks from the beginning of the season until late December. After the game in Buffalo on Dec. 22, he wanted to change it up.

So, he began using Victor Rask’s Bauer sticks on Dec. 23 when the Canes hosted the Bruins. That night, Teravainen netted the game-winning goal in overtime, so, naturally, he has stuck with Rask’s Bauer sticks. Since then? He’s registered points in five straight games (1g, 4a) and assists in four straight games. He now ranks fourth in team scoring with 20 points (9g, 11a).

Bauer it is - for now, at least.