A pretty basic info post on Spark Madness. I’d type more but it is my bed tiiime.
Forgot to scribble in that madness can be worsened by injuries in rarer cases! MOST of Alf’s grouchy disposition has nothing to do with his sparks. That’s just how he is, but once it starts to worsen he gets pretty scary.

Cats Way belongs to me. I don’t have any open species or open settings at this time. Sorry!

I’m still trying to figure out Jim’s anatomy, but I barely grasp how cats work or gorillas so it’s gooonna take a while.

Here are some facts about Jim,

- Jacky is not afraid of Jim. She is at first, but she learns better after she gets to know him. Jim doesn’t squash things that don’t deserve it, even if they’re really, really annoying.

- Jim is not cuddly. You won’t really see Jacky touching him because he looks soft, they don’t bond that way, there’s gotta be a reason behind it. Sometimes he lets her ride on his shoulder because she can’t keep up with his strides.

- He is expressive but all of his expressions look angry and I accept that.

- They live in the same Baudrons town for a while and get to know each other better. I think he probably needs her help with something, maybe something involving tiny hands or tiny eyes and likewise Jacky’s association with him makes other cats leave her alone. 

- He’s an educated gorr-rir-ra. He’s smart.


More Kroff, now named Hodd. Since his design is getting a reboot, I figured his name could stand to be changed too.

I’m used to my characters being more expressive (I mean, even Jim smiles sometimes), but Hodd is just kind of limp lipped. I guess that’s his thing.

Hodd spent a looot of time traveling by foot. He knew what it was like to try to get somewhere, it was hard. Even a big guy like him had a tough time hauling extra luggage. Creating better roads became part of his legacy. More on that later, for now, here’s some doodles of sad baboon lion.

I think I’ll just call him my sad baboob.


I don’t have a lot to say about these, except that Jim has evolved as a character since his early sketches and I think it’d be nice to do some art of him and Jacky on the same page. 

Jacky fits right into Baudrons society. Not easily at first, but they’ll start to see her as an adaptable mini-warrior. Exactly what she is.

Here’s something I’ve poked at in between working on this whatayarn sequence (that I’m now not sure I’ll finish).

I meant to remove this guy’s sash. I don’t like it, but I know that if I make him a character there are some major changes I want to add to his design. It seemed like time better spent on something else!