J'étais comme l'enfant avide du spectacle,
Haïssant le rideau comme on hait un obstacle…
Enfin la vérité froide se révéla:
J'étais mort sans surprise, et la terrible aurore
M'enveloppait. — Eh quoi! n'est-ce donc que cela?
La toile était levée et j'attendais encore.
—  Charles Baudalaire, from Le rêve d’un curieux (Les Fleurs du Mal)
[trans. I was like a child eager for the play,
Hating the curtain as one hates an obstacle…
Finally the cold truth revealed itself:
I had died and was not surprised; the awful dawn
Enveloped me. — What! is that all there is to it?
The curtain had risen and I was still waiting.

detective dupin: alright here’s a list of the shit i need y’all hoes to do
fernald: ,,,
fernald, squinting at the paper: this is the fucking bee movie script
dupin, dabbing yet again: that’s right yolo swag hashtag

the baudalaires, inside the prison cell: you can burn us at the stake now, we’ve seen enough