Profile Name: ChoiDickSquad (BasedHo) Minho

Age: old enough ;) ;)
Hobbies: gangsta rappin, living w/ parents, hangin wit dicksquad (fuckin shit up and bein a bau5), dancing, bein a pro,420blazeit,stayin turnt, thug lyfe aye
Interested in: dat ass, majored in asstrophysics :)
About me: hey how u doin my name is choi to the fuckin minho and i am single and ready to meet;) im very romantic and i will buy you a drink if u want it (if u in to dat you nam saying) i like clubbing and grinding so if u got dat ass and can make it clap im here for it ; ) i love all shapes and sizes so hmu and if i dont respond to u its bc im not interested and i see u thirstin and u probably r just super basic
Favorite Quotes: “u cant spell minho without ho” ;);););)