Convergence: The Question

I actually really enjoyed The Question which probably isn’t surprising since Renee, Helena and Kate? All kicking ass? It was great.

DC Comics: Bombshells #2 Review

Let’s get back to this statue inspired series, where we find the women of DC Comics taking care of business during America’s fight with the Nazis.  In the previous issue we saw that Batwoman was taking care of Gotham on and off the baseball field and after wondering if her life really had meaning…..which was really felt like a slap in the face to her girlfriend Maggie if you ask me, Batwoman was recruited by Commander Amanda Waller to help end the war.  It looks like Waller is recruiting the best of the best, so let’s get into the next issue and see if Wonder Woman joins the fight.  Let’s check it out.

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The Signs as DC Characters
  • Aries:Star-Spangled Kid, Killer Frost, Commissioner James Gordon
  • Taurus:Batgirl, Nightwing, Jason Todd
  • Gemini:Batwoman, Beast Boy, The Riddler
  • Cancer:Enchantress, Cyborg, Super Boy
  • Leo:Black Canary, Superman, Red Robin
  • Virgo:Zatana, Deadshot, Scarecrow
  • Libra:Harley Quinn, Penguin, Green Arrow
  • Scorpio:Poison Ivy, The Joker, Katana
  • Sagittarius:Super Girl, The Flash, Green Lantern
  • Capricorn:Wonder Woman, Damian Wayne, Alfred Pennyworth
  • Aquarius:Catwoman, Batman, Raven
  • Pisces:Starfire, Arsenal, Harlequin
First Chapter of DC Bombshells is out Saturday - Here’s a Look

DC Comics new digital first comic DC Comics Bombshells hits the digital stands on Saturday and here via is the a look at the first chapter written by Marguerite Bennett and pencilled by Marguerite Savauge.