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I just want to say, I love your blog. Absolutely love it. Especially recently with Didio stuff recently. Slight off topic question, what do you think of the premise for Batman: Bad Blood?

Thaaaaaank you! I’m glad you enjoy me losing my sanity

[Bad Blood] is something that I’m terrified of because I’m so excited for it, and I haven’t let myself be excited about something DC related for years because they keep letting me down. The recent Batfamily movies have been horrible, but I can’t help being excited about Bad Blood because it has Batwoman and Dick Grayson as Batman, which are the only things I want in life

The film is basically an adaptation of Batman: R.I.P. with a touch of Batman & Robin and a dash of Batman Inc. In the story, Batman has apparently been killed by a man called the Heretic, who’s trying to take over the Gotham Underworld. Batwoman witnessed his death, and Dick Grayson steps into the role of the hero that Gotham needs with Robin at his side.

-lies down- It’s Pre-52 continuity… Dick Grayson is Batman… Batwoman is getting a movie… Damian and Dick team ups… leave me here to die…

DC you better not fuck this up


New age of crime, meet new age of crimefighter.

Here’s a second set of some of my Batwoman photos from AX. I’m so happy that I decided to make this costume gosh B’))
For a version 1, it turned out well. And V2 revisions will be even better!

Batwoman, of course, is me.
Photographer: badept photography

The Comic Con Cosplay Post

I attended Boston Comic Con yesterday and had a wonderful time. for those who aren’t on my snapchat friends list I don’t want to leave you out so here’s some of the rad cosplays I saw.

Me on the left as Kon-El. I ran into the one other superboy at the con. The wonderful Rin.

We also found a Doctor Fate

A really friendly Kate Kane feat. Wolverine and a bunch of Homestucks.

I somehow ran into David Bowie from Labyrinth

Another Batwoman and Vision!

The pair of Young Justice cosplayers. Artemis and M’Gann M’orzz. emzy18

Stevonnie found in line for the Doctor Horrible Shadowcast. They were really friendly and cool.

Also seen. Garnet and Rainbow Quartz

I found a really cool Tim Drake Cosplayer and had to ask their parent if we could get a picture together. They came back to get a selfie with me later on.

apparently her sister was Kate Bishop, but I just couldn’t find her before the con closed.

One of the better Caps and Peggy’s though all of them were really really great this year. And Shego.

Just as I was leaving I found them. The one, really tired pearl cosplayer. You do you. cuppyboat

The Signs as DC Characters
  • Aries:Star-Spangled Kid, Killer Frost, Commissioner James Gordon
  • Taurus:Batgirl, Nightwing, Jason Todd
  • Gemini:Batwoman, Beast Boy, The Riddler
  • Cancer:Enchantress, Cyborg, Super Boy
  • Leo:Black Canary, Superman, Red Robin
  • Virgo:Zatana, Deadshot, Scarecrow
  • Libra:Harley Quinn, Penguin, Green Arrow
  • Scorpio:Poison Ivy, The Joker, Katana
  • Sagittarius:Super Girl, The Flash, Green Lantern
  • Capricorn:Wonder Woman, Damian Wayne, Alfred Pennyworth
  • Aquarius:Catwoman, Batman, Raven
  • Pisces:Starfire, Arsenal, Harlequin
First Chapter of DC Bombshells is out Saturday - Here’s a Look

DC Comics new digital first comic DC Comics Bombshells hits the digital stands on Saturday and here via is the a look at the first chapter written by Marguerite Bennett and pencilled by Marguerite Savauge.