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As much as I love Alex Danvers on Supergirl and despite knowing others have taken up the Batwoman costume in the comics, I do not want Alex becoming Batwoman.

Batwoman for me has and always will be Kate Kane, especially because the DC Rebirth comics have Kate Kane as Batwoman and she’s the only character I have actually seen as Batwoman. I am really hoping they bring in an actual Kate Kane on the show and don’t make Alex Batwoman

Important poll: I can’t decide what I’m going to be for Halloween. Can you all help me decide?

The options are: Supergirl, Black Canary, or Batwoman. Vote as a comment on this post or send in an ask (anon or not. I trust y'all to only vote once per person) and I’ll collect the results on Friday or Saturday night. A short reason is not nessesary, but also would be coolio.

Max Gibson as Batwoman!

So the design for this one was suggested to me by a friend, who said I should give Max a hood (similar to that of SpiderGwen’s). I liked the idea but couldn’t figure out how it’d look and still make sense. Then I remembered I’m working on cartoon/comic book logic here, and that it didn’t have to make sense at all. So there’s that. Again I stuck with the simplistic style of the DCAU. Next time I’ll try to do a whole BatFam Beyond picture….. maybe….

Let met talk to you about a headcanon that is really dear to me:

Transgender Erica.

Erica is a small child, all skinned knees and shy smiles, but she stubbornly corrects adults when they call her ‘Eric’ or ‘boy’. They laugh nervously and dismiss her words as kid’s jokes.

Erica hits Jackson on the playground when he breaks her sandcastle, punch him right in his smug face. Erica’s mother laughs, relieved, when she explains to the Whittemore’s nanny that sometimes “boys will be boys”.

Erica tries to protest but the adults never listen to little kids.

Erica grows up a silent child. The years pass and people stop looking condescendingly amused when she corrects them, but start looking uncomfortable, disturbed.

When she tries to explain that she is a girl or give her real name to people, his parents shake and shove her now, sharply, to shut her up. There is a shame drowning their eyes that she can’t understand.

She buys a Batwoman costume for Halloween. They all compliment her batman costume.

She doesn’t go trick or treating this year.

The next year she asks for Catwoman. Her mother looks at her in horror and buys her the fireman’s one.

Erica doesn’t do Halloweens anymore.

She keeps growing up, like a weed distorted by the weight of their looks. They trap her in boys’ clothes, boys’ shoes. Inside a boy’s name. They stare at her with expectation in their eyes, waiting for her to suddenly yell ‘Gottcha!’ and finally start acting like a real boy.

Wait for her to stop ‘joking’.

On the TV, a News lady does a report on people protesting in the street in glittering dresses and painted smiles. She explains what transgender is, talks about people born in the wrong body. Her mother screams at her when she catches Erica watching and shakes her up, again.

Erica doesn’t know why her mother worries. Erica has no problem with her body. It’s hers, and she’s a girl, so it’s a girl body.

It’s as easy as that.

She doesn’t understand why adults are able to fix cars or read books in other languages, but can’t comprehend something as simple as that. She’s starting to suspect that adults may be stupider that she thought.

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anonymous asked:

On Halloween night, any one of the batfam who goes no patrol dresses in a crappy batman costume.

It started out with a joke between Dick and Tim, both sporting a cheap Halloween store Batman suit while on patrol on Halloween night. The next year, the entire Batfam is in on it. Even Kate and Luke join in. Now it’s like a weird family tradition.

But it doesn’t stop there. After a couple of years, the rogues start to get in on it.

Selina is the first to hop on the bandwagon, sporting a suit that’s accurate enough that Bruce suspects she may have broken into the Batcave just to “borrow” it. 

Harley and Ivy are spotted robbing a bank across town, wearing matching “Sexy Batwoman” costumes from Party City. They’ve brought along several of Harley’s thugs, each dressed in a cheap Robin costume.

Every November 1st, #BatmanSighting trends on Twitter. Hundreds of Gothamites post blurry photos of the Batmans they’ve seen running around Gotham on Halloween night. Some of them are recognizable (”Spoiler literally out here fighting crime in a Batman onesie”) while others are a mystery (”This guy tried to grab my purse last night. Luckily another Batman – Nighwing, is that you? – swooped in to save the day #BatmanSighting #OnlyInGotham”) 

Costume Copy Cats

Anonymous said to bvb-oneshots:

Andy imagine? Okay so (Y/N) was the merch girl for Black Veil Brides and Andy would buy his merch over and over just to see her. Then one day there was a Halloween costume party and (Y/N) happened to be there. She was wearing like a sexy-ish Bat Woman costume and Andy was wearing a Batman one. Andy found her, but was too nervous to talk to her and all until she came over and she was drunk, but she meant what she said and she said how much she loved him and Andy told her that he loved her too.


Just in time for the end of Halloween, by the time you’re reading this Halloween is probably over, but that’s okay. :)


Batwoman. It was a decent idea, and apparently overdone. You should’ve known Andy would dress up as Batman for Halloween, now he would think you were trying to match him or something. Shit. You grabbed a cup out of someone’s hand and chugged it despite their protests. You weren’t going to leave, but you definitely weren’t going to stay sober.

“Whoa, slow it down there, merch girl.” Ashley laughed, but then handed you another cup, which you chugged.

“I can slow down when I’m dead.” You told him, and he laughed.

“That’s what I like to hear, merch girl.”

“You know, you could call me by my name.” You suggested, and he laughed.

“Na,” he went off and you spotted Andy for the second time that night. Go to the Halloween Party, they said, it will be fun, they said. They lied.

You were talking idly with no one in particular, downing drink after drink until you were warm and fuzzy, and then you caught sight of Andy again.

“Mmm,” You said, taking in his tall lean figure in the Batman costume, his sexy, messy hair, and his beautiful eyes.

“Andy.” You said, not sure what you were going to do once you reached him, but determined to talk to him.  He came by every day to buy his merch over again, and you’d developed feelings  for him, strong ones, strong feelings your drunk-self decided to act on, immediately.

“(Y/N)?” He asked, and you smiled.

“Hey, Batman.” You smiled sexily, and you were more than a little pleased when his eyes roamed over your tight fitting Batwoman costume, taking extra time to take in your mostly exposed thighs. When he looked back up at your eyes he frowned, making you unhappy.

“(Y/N), are you drunk?” He asked, and you glared at him.

“No!” You said indignantly, unaware of the slur of your speech or the stench of alcohol wafting from you. “I just wanted to come say hi to my partner in crime, is that so wrong?” You asked, and he laughed ligthtly.

He laughed nervously, scratching the back of his neck. “I guess not.” He shrugged, and you smiled, reaching out and putting a hand on the batman insignia on his chest.

“It’s almost like we’re connected.” You whispered, giggling. “Like somewhere deep inside I knew you would be dressed like this, and I loved you enough to somehow pick up on it.” You smiled and looked up at him. He looked like a deer caught in the headlights.

“What?” He asked, and you smiled.

“I love you, Andy.” You told him, slurred but truthful. You did love him, you just had be drunk on linquid courage to be able to admit it to anyone including yourself.

“(Y/N), are you alright?” he asked, and you laughed.

“Of course I am, silly.”

“You’re drunk, you didn’t mean that.” He said, almost to himself, but you shook your head.

“No, I meant it. just because I’m drunk that doesn’t mean I’m lying. Did it ever occur to you that you’re an intimidating guy? I mean, look at you. You could have any girl, why would you want me? Obviously you wouldn’t that was why I never told you before, but you know what? Fuck that. I’m not going to keep lying to myself, or to you. I love you, Andy, damn it.” You said with a playful glare, and he just stared at you, and then a smile broke out on you face.

“I really hope you remember this in the morning.” He whispered before leaning in and kissing you. You knew you must taste like alcohol, but you didn’t care, and he didn’t seem to mind as the two of your practically made out in the middle of the party.

“I think I love you too.” Andy admitted, making you smile. “That’s why I’m always at the merch table, so I have an excuse to see you without seeming weird.” He laughed nervously.

“Well if it’s any consolation I’m always hoping you’ll come by the merch table so I can see you.” You told him, and he smiled.

“If only you weren’t drunk.” He grinned, pulling you a up against him, “I’d take you back to the bus and fuck you into next week, but I don’t want you to be drunk the first time we do it.”

You sighed in content at feeling his body pressed against yours.

“So, do you like my costume?” You asked, giggling.

“Oh, I do.” He said, gaining confidence as he talked longer to you.

“You’re not mad at me for copying you?” you asked, and he just chuckled.

“I don’t mind your costume is much sexier than mine,” he said, running his hands along your back.

“You know, I’m not that drunk.” You smiled, and he scoffed playfully.

“Yes, you are that drunk.”  He laughed.

You shrugged. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

He leaned in and whispered in your ear. “Tomorrow we’re going on a date, and you can be “not that drunk” then.” He assured you, and you laughed.

“It’s a deal.” You giggled.

Continuation Here…

Your best friend, Luke, sends you this picture with the caption, ‘I found my Halloween costume!’ You smile at the picture. Another text pops up. 'Open your front door!’ Again, from Luke. You cautiously walk over and open it. Luke is completely dressed in his costume. Mask and all. You smile and give him a hug. “So this is what I’m wearing to the Halloween party on Saturday,” Luke takes off the mask, walks in with a duffel bag and sets it on the floor next to the couch. “What’s in there?” You say, walking over to the kitchen to make some chocolate milk for the two of you to drink. “Just my clothes. I mean, I can’t wear this all day. Also, what am I supposed to wear when I sleep over tonight?” He laughs as you hand him his glass. “You’re sleeping over at my house? Must not of got the memo,” you plop onto the couch next to him. “I sent out a bat signal! Did you not get it earlier?” He smirks at you as he sips some of his drink. “Considering the sun just started setting about 10 minutes ago, I don’t think I could have seen it when you sent it out.” “That’s right! I always forget about that. Well I am.” Luke shrugs and leans back. “Are you as excited for the party as I am?” Luke smiles as he fiddles with his cape a bit. “I’m not going remember.” You say casually as you go to turn the television on. “Excuse me?” Luke shoots up and stops you from turning it on. “Not going?” He glares at you. “Yes, Luke. Not going. I told you the other day!” You sigh. “But you love Halloween!” Luke pouts. “I do! But I’ve been so busy! I haven’t even gotten a costume yet. And I don’t think I’ll find a good one in the short amount of time.” You frown and look down. “I know. That’s why I bought one for you. I figured we could go to the party together.” Luke starts to rustle through his bag. “What am I? Robin? I guess that would be good. Since we are like, best friends and all!” You perk up a bit. “Actually,” Luke said, starting to pull some black fabric out of the bag. "I was thinking you could be Bat Woman.“ He pulls the costume fully out. You burrow your eyebrows as you look at it. "But, that’s like a couples thing. Like, everything would think we were going out.” You slightly laugh. “Good,” Luke quickly replies. “Good?” You’re getting confused. “Wait, is this your way of asking me to be your girlfriend?” You smile from ear to ear. Luke’s cheeks start to turn bright red and he bites his lip. “We’ve been best friends for a long time now, Y/N. But the more I think about it, the more I think we could be absolutely perfect together. I’ve liked you since the first day I saw you. I can remember how beautiful you looked that day. You were wearing a pair of ripped skinny jeans with a cut up t-shirt. Your hair was pulled back in a messy bun with a cute bow in your hair,” Luke smiled as he grabbed her hand. “Luke,” you say softly. “You remember everything about the me that first day a few years ago?” Luke smiles and nods. “Yes. It’s because it is the day I fell for you. The day I decided I would never let you go. I didn’t have enough courage to actually ask you out that day, or really ever, and that’s how we became best friends. I figured that if I couldn’t ask you to be my girlfriend, I’d make you my best friend so I could still text you every day. I could still see you and hug you and joke with you. I told you I love you a while ago, I meant it. Although we were only friends, I knew I could still say it because that’s what best friends do. I found a way to tell you I love you every day without you really understanding the true meaning. But I’m telling you the true meaning today.” A tear rolls down your cheek and Luke wipes it away. “I understand you might not feel the same, and that I may have just ruined our years of friendship, but it was completely worth it to finally let you know how I really feel.” Luke looks into your eyes, waiting for a response. You are absolutely speechless. All you can do is pull him in tight for a hug in that moment. You can feel a few more tears roll down your cheeks. You sniffle and look at his face. “You are probably the best Person in my entire life. It would be a dream come true for you to take me as your girlfriend.” You smile and see Luke starting to cry. “I’m so happy you said that. I just, I love you so much, Y/N.” Luke kisses your forehead and cuddles into you.


Batwoman version 1: Need to redo the wig, remake my gauntlets and belt, and find the proper boots for July (could NOT find any red boots anywhere that I could afford, but yay, my newrocks saved the day!), but I’m getting there ^_^ will have to remake the cape too eventually, but putting that off (dyspraxia plus sewing machines = torture D: )

Cape is made out of pleather and lined with cheap red fabric, suit is a zentai suit (my budget was getting thin by this point :p ) gauntlets are made out of foam, and belt pouches are basically empty chewing gum packets painted red xD (I’d REALLY ran out of money by that point :p )

Mask is from The 4th Wall Design. That’s where my budget went xD and it was worth every penny

so how’d I do? :p


I went to a Batman themed dance party last week in this Batwoman costume I made myself. (Oh, I wish you could see the boots!) I didn’t do a mask, because it didn’t work with the glasses which I desperately need to see. 95% of the people I talked to thought I was Batman Beyond. The other 5% was like the one guy in the whole place who didn’t hit on me because he understood who Batwoman is.


Had a great time at Machester Comic Con this weekend! Met a lot of awesome people and enjoyed getting my Kate Kane on! I was a bit nervous as it was my first ever con but everyone was so epic and had a good laugh ^_^

Will hopefully have more pics of my costume and the con later, thanks to ladynoctis and asakuracos for an epic day :)