batwoman 3


Bow Ties are Cool

  • National Tuxedo Day: Bat Family (New Earth/Prime Earth)
Today is National Tuxedo Day (10 October) and no family looks cooler in a tux than the Wayne Family as the above photoset proves.

Image Source:
  • Bruce Wayne: Batman #613 by Jim Lee (Center)
  • Damian Wayne: Batman and Robin Annual #1 by Ardian Syaf (Upper Right)
  • Dick Grayson: Grayson #9 by Mikel Janin (Upper Left)
  • Duke Thomas: Batman #2 by David Finch (Middle Left)
  • Harper Row: Batman and Robin Eternal #7 by Álvaro Martínez (Lower Middle)
  • Julia Pennyworth: Batwoman #3 by Steve Epting (Lower Left)
  • Kate Kane: Detective Comics #856 by J.H. Williams III (Lower Right)
  • Luke Fox: Batgirl #45 by Babs Tarr (Middle Right)
  • Tim Drake: Batgirl #8 by Talent Caldwell (Upper Middle)

I have 3 things to say regarding Batwoman (2017) Issue 3

1. Creepy Twin Bingo 

2. The Most Impractical Computer in The World!

3. I’m left speechless by Kate…

If anyone is interested, I have a spare code for Batwoman #3 along with Batman Beyond #7 & Batgirl #10. Only 1 code for each. Send me a DM for the Code. :D

Digital Code Update: The code for Batwoman Issue 3 has been redeemed by @brookietf :D Enjoy!