batwoman 16


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Aquaman #21 (Cover A Brad Walker & Andrew Hennessy), $2.99
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Astro City #43, $3.99
Batman #21 (Cover A Jason Fabok Nonlenticular Edition), $2.99
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Batman Volume 10 Epilogue TP, $16.99
Batwoman #2 (Cover A Steve Epting), $3.99
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Cave Carson Has A Cybernetic Eye #7 (Cover A Michael Avon Oeming), $3.99
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Dark Knight III The Master Race #1 (Of 8)(Jim Lee Signed Edition)(Dynamic Forces), AR
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Okay so just read Batwoman #16.

Damn. The artwork was amazing (still not a fan of the way he draws Chase, she’s hotter than that) but can’t deny the artwork is amazing. 

Loved the thoughts going through their heads… especially Bette’s. That was both depressing and awesome. Her new costume! Badass! 

Anyway, Wonder Woman is awesome I want her and Batwoman to be bffs forever. 


I really do try to keep these lists short, but some weeks I take home my comics and find myself arguing loudly with myself over which comics are slightly less awesome than the other ones and I just give up and include all the titles that made me happy that day. This is one of those weeks, so without further ado I give you my thoroughly unedited picks for the week:

  • Batwoman #16: Batwoman and Wonder Woman fight their way through the monsters invading Gotham, meanwhile Medusa’s power grows as she prepares the way for her mother’s arrival in what promises to be the most epic of conclusions. (The double page splashes of J.H. Williams III’s art is so amazing in this issue that it’s driving me to useless profanities!)
  • Nightwing #16: Joker has lured Nightwing to Haley’s Circus, which he has thoughtfully (read terrifyingly) redecorated.
  • Wonder Woman #16: Wonder Woman faces off against Orion and asks Milan’s help to find Zola’s baby, a newly awakened god battles giants set to kill him, and Zola and Hera run into one of the queen of the god’s kids at the hotel bar. (Cliff Chiang’s art continues to be incredible!)
  • Stumptown #5: In the conclusion to Volume 2, Dex has to deal with the repercussions of her car chase (see the spectacular issue #4) and with the hunch that the case is not wrapping up as cleanly as it seems. (Greg Rucka infuriatingly and delightfully leaves me wanting more!)
  • The Answer #1: Research librarian and puzzle solver extraordinaire Devin gets sucked into solving “a Rubik’s Cube’s sexy older brother” of a 3 dimensional puzzle, but the solution and following puzzles lead her down a road that includes jumping of buildings and a vigilante with punctuation on his face.
  • FF #3: An older, battle scarred, and alive Johnny Storm tells the FF that the Fantastic Four must be rescued from outside space time. Meanwhile Adam tries to convince Nora to come back and Mole Man meets with an unexpected ally. (Michael Allred and Laura Allred are making a beautiful book here!)
  • Young Avengers #1: Kate (Hawkeye) and Noh-Varr (Marvel Boy) wake up off-world and are thrown straight into action. Teddy (Hulkling) and Billy (Wiccan) are the most adorable couple ever, even with an argument and poorly thought out plan or two. Loki is up to something mysterious and Loki-ish that catches Miss America Chavez’s attention. (If you want to start a new series and possibly scratch that Runaways itch, pick up this book. I cannot wait to see how this team becomes a team!)

See? Too many great comics to narrow my picks down. And did I mention this was an excellent week for art? Applause all around!

GoddamnBatwoman's Lunchtime Read


Every. Issue. Just. Gets. Better. 

I’m going to avoid spoilers, because every single double page (yes, double page delights again!) had something new and awesome. 

But it was right when it said all the characters will make an appearance and have their moment. 

Also, Wonder Woman, what a BAMF. I mean, we’ve always known this, but still. BAMF.

Loving the whole weaving of mythology here. 

I can’t hold in all this awesomeness, people! Hurry up and read it! :D