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13 and 22 for the drabbles

13. Get out of the way before I murder you

OK don’t judge me but I saw the word murder and could only think of one person I wanted to hear these words. Of course it’s not intentional that she’s not referred to by name throughout this what do you mean I did it on purpose I’d never be so petty…

“Why are you even here?” Robert asked her, stomach turning over with a mixture of disgust and resentment at the sight of her.

She sighed, raising her eyebrows and tilting her head in a way that she knows he used to find endearing.

It only makes him want to erase her from his life, now.

“I’ve come to pay my respects,” she purred, tone laced with anything but respect.

“You’re not welcome,” Robert told her, point-blank. “Get out,” he ordered as he grabbed her by the elbow and attempted to man-handle her out of the pub.

“Hey, get your hands off her,” he heard from an unknown dark-haired man to his left, stood propping up the bar and clearly intruding on their exchange of words.

Robert ignored him, so the man decided to intervene, placing an arm in between her and Robert to separate them.

Robert dropped his grip from her arm reluctantly, shoving back slightly against the misguided man who’d seen fit to come to her rescue.

“You’ve got no idea what she’s like,” Robert told the man through narrowed eyes and gritted teeth.

She brushed herself down, adjusting the batwing sleeve of her blouse from where Robert had grabbed her and realigning her stack of beaded bracelets.

“Thank you, my knight in shining armour,” she smiled sweetly towards the stranger. “Let me buy you a drink?”

“You’re leaving,” Robert insisted before the stranger had a chance to accept her offer.

“Why don’t you just drop it, mate, and leave her alone,” he urged Robert, blissfully unaware. “Nobody should treat a lady like that.”

Robert guffawed.

“Believe me, mate,” he retorted through gritted teeth. “She’s no lady. She nearly tore my marriage apart by lying about being pregnant with my child, when all along it turned out we didn’t even sleep together, she just let me think we did because I was too drunk to remember passing out on her. Still want to protect her now?”

The stranger furrowed his brow, taking one look over at her and gathering from her shifty expression that Robert had spoken the truth.

“No thanks,” the stranger muttered under his breath, before turning his attention back to his pint. “You carry on, mate,” he nodded towards Robert, “do your worst.”

Robert turned back to face her.

“Just leave,” he urged her, matter of fact. “Before I do something you’ll regret.”

She pursed her lips and flicked her hair behind her shoulder.

“I’m going nowhere,” she insisted.

“Then I am,” Robert answered her, moving to walk past her and out of the pub.

She stopped him, shifting to the left to block his path to the doorway; then shifting to the right in the same manner when he tried to manoeuvre another path around her.

“We’re good together, Robert,” she drawled, and a chill ran through him at the thought of it. “Don’t deny –“

She fell silent as he moved in closer to her.

“Get out of the way, before I murder you,” he hissed at her, eyes conveying the very real intention behind his words.

Aaron chose that precise moment to saunter through the door of the pub, his smile dropping as soon as he caught sight of the woman who’d tried to ruin his marriage.

He overheard Robert’s threat to her, and a feeling of pride and satisfaction ran through him as he walked towards them.

“I’d believe it, if I were you,” Aaron whispering into her ear so nobody else in the pub could hear, relishing the jolt of surprise his voice elicited from her. “I don’t think you really know what he’s capable of, do you?”

She took one look into Robert’s eyes and visibly retreated.

She tried to mask the way she clearly felt vulnerable all of a sudden, but Aaron and Robert could see straight through it.

“You’re not welcome in here,” Aaron repeated his husband’s sentiments from a few moments earlier. “So do everyone a favour, and piss off back to whichever rock you crawled out from under.”

She visibly gulped, watching through green tinted lenses as Aaron moved to stand protectively in front of his husband, and how Robert placed a reassuring hand against Aaron’s waist as he did so.

“I was leaving anyway,” she insisted, stuttering and clearly rattled, as she scuttled backwards, knocking over a chair in her haste to retreat away from what she was seeing.

Robert exhaled sharply as the door closed behind her.

“Thank you,” Robert whispered into Aaron’s neck as he pecked a kiss below his earlobe.

Aaron turned to him and offered a reassuring smile, before kissing him like he never wanted to let him go.

I’ll do 22 for you separately on another post!

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