bruce anonymously commenting on various batman forums (especially on reddit) and pissing everyone off with his “inane” theories

bruce: “batman probably secretly calls all his shit the batwhatever. you know, the batmobile, the batcave, shit like that. he probably does it bc it makes him feel cool.”

someone: “that is the stupidest fucking headcanon i have ever heard.”

someone else: “i kind of dig it, though.”

bruce: “no, no, guys WHAT IF – hear me out – the reason batman doesn’t use guns is because a gun KILLED HIS PARENTS”

someone: “no, no, but WHAT IF – hear me out – you shut the fuck up

bruce: “i bet batman doesn’t even like bats. i think he secretly fears them.”

someone: “seriously why haven’t we blocked this guy”

I don’t know..I just..slkflsdfs

Long story short I started a 1x1 Batman RP with a very close friend of mine and it’s been a blast so far. Then I started stalking a couple Batman related blogs on here and found a few that split my sides. They’re super wonderful blogs and so entertaining, I really recommend you check at least a few of them out. [ /  ,  ,  and  to name a few] 

I was playing a game with a friend and I was rounding up monsters to make them easier to attack, to which my friend exclaimed that it was like a conga like..and..somehow that turned into this..

Behold my inability to draw and animate :’D