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this answer is going to be so ridiculous because i’ll keep it on the batuniverse but all the answers will be poison ivy and harley quinn 

favorite male character: bruce wayne
favorite female character: pamela isley
least favorite character: the joker
favorite ship: poisonquinn/batcat
favorite friendship: gotham city sirens and all the batfam tbh
favorite quote: its not my favorite of all time, but its the first one that came to my mind

“when harold was a little boy, he was very lonely, but he didn’t like people. one day, he swatted a fly. he saw that it was not dead, but stunned. he slipped a delicate noose over the fly, and tied the threads to its body. when the fly revived, harold found he had a pet on a string. as he listened to its buzz, he knew it was a b-sharp. he began to crave a high-c, a b-flat, a middle-g. he found a fly for each note, until he had a symphony of friends. he was never lonely again, ever. what does insanity sound like? is its a song a thousand fly wings, tethered by strings? if madness could speak, would this be its thongue?” (batman & poison ivy - cast shadows)

worst character death (if any): jason todd hahahaha
this made me so happy you have no idea moment: remEmber when poisonquinn was made canon like omg fav moment of my life i remember i cried
saddest moment: “is it because you love me?”
favorite location: abandoned animal shelter