tolcveistodestrcy  asked:

I just realised a question I always had: Why did you choose Harley Quin as your Mun faceclaim?

Harley Quinn has always been one of my favorite comic characters that I know. I know I don’t talk much about comics, but I’ve been a sucker for Batman since I was a child, and growing up I became closer and closer with her. She’s probably one of the deepest characters there is (mind you the movie basically has not said much on her) in the Batuniverse (dunno if this is a word for the universe of Batman but there you go) She and I are similar in personality (okay not about the crazy, sadist, killing part of her, unless of course my roleplays with you actually go that way xD) but the loyalty they have for those that are close to her, and she’s a personal reminding of never allow someone to use me or hurt me both physically or mentally (since she’s abused by her boyfriend the Joker).