I want to talk for a minute about the headcannons I posted last night. Some time during last night and this morning, I had an anon TELL me that my headcannons or “ideas” for a relationship between Joker and Harley are “interesting,” and also ask if that would interfere with Batman and Cawoman. Let me tell you all that I know the Batuniverse. Yes, I do make up my own headcannons, but I’m very familiar with Batman’s rogues. Harley arguably has Dependent Personality Disorder, which is why she continues to go back and forth with Joker. The two of them are very toxic. Their toxicity has been displayed many ways, especially in Batman: The Animated Series, as well as cannon. Joker is an abuser, but Joker is unstable, as well as Harley. It is no secret that Harley, Selina, and Pamela have their own thing. They even have comics centered around them. Joker knows this. And whether he likes it or not, he has to get over it because Harley loves those two. And let’s be real: Gotham does know Selina Kyle is Catwoman. And many rogues know Catwoman and Batman are close (he rarely arrests her). That’s obvious.

I will post more about Joker and Harley when I get off work.

Harley needs someone’s support. Don’t get me wrong, she is still a rogue, but she is still a person. She wants and needs friends. Selina and Ivy provide her with support whenever she needs it. And they are female. So, Joker is able to tolerate Selina’s involvement in Harley’s life.

Let’s take Suicide Squad. Joker provided Harley with a phone. It’s something he would do. Why not do it for Selina and Harley.

Let’s talk about Batman and Catwoman. Selina isn’t always concerned about her dual identity. Batman is. Bruce makes a point to be a seemingly separate entity from Batman (Year One for example). So, no, not many Gothamites expects for Bruce and Batman to be one in the same (I believe Gordon is an exxeption). I mean, Joker is considered one of Batman’s greatest rogues, and he doesn’t know his identity. Again, that’s not my opinion. That is more so cannon.

So, yes, their relationship (Joker and Harley) is “interesting.” It is hardly my “opinion.”

Thank you. If you have any questions, please ask me. I don’t appreciate people “telling” me about something I am well-versed in.