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Here it goes!

The questions I got are:

  • If you could change the ending of a film, what would it be and why? Life is Beautiful because it crushed my heart into a thousand pieces and it’s never been the same. UGH WHY?!!! I can’t, even think about it right now….
  • What book do you want to be made to a film? Artemis Fowl, Bless Me Ultima, or The BFG
  • Who would you bring if you can time travel with anyone? Logically, Stephen Fry because he seems like a worldly man who knows a little bit about everything. Or my sister for fun
  • Have you ever told anyone to their face that you hated them and really, really mean it? Never.
  • If you can live in a different time period, what period would it be? 1999, so I can invest in Google and Facebook and become a billionaire, philanthropist, lazy bum with my own island away from stupid people.
  • Would you like to live forever? HELL YES! I would love to be immortal and just read every book ever written and see every great film to be ever created!
  • What food can you eat every single day? My mother’s shrimp fried rice
  • If they are not attached to anyone else, which actor and actress do you want to hook up? Kate/LEO five evah! Or Bale and Blanchett just cuz they look mighty fierce together in that Knight of Cups movie.
  • If you can only retain one memory, what would it be? My memory of being at the Daft Punk Alive 2007 concert. Still can’t stop smiling at the thought.
  • If you can wish your life on someone else, who would it be? Chris Brown because he is a shitty person who deserves a shitty life and no mula
  • Favorite alcoholic drink? Bacardi? Literally the only thing I’ve ever drunk my whole entire life… it wasn’t even that great :(

My questions are:

  • What are your top 3 favorite foreign films?
  • What language are you fluent in or want to be fluent in?
  • What is your favorite geographical feature?
  • What game would you want to live inside of for a week?
  • If all the other planets were habitable, which one would you want to live on (including Pluto cuz once a planet, always a planet)?
  • What song makes you emotional?
  • Have you encountered a life-changing book or movie? Which one?
  • Do you think humans are natural born liars or learn to lie?
  • Would you rather live in a desert-like climate or a mountain-like climate?
  • If you could make up an imaginary job and get paid millions for it, what would it be?
  • What is the best thing that you ever made?

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